2017 Workshops for Students Grades 7-9

3d Digital Graphics Modelling for Games

July 10th - July 21st

or July 24 - August 4th

In this introductory course, students will learn how to create their own 3D game assets and import them into a virtual environment. They will learn Autodesk Maya, the industry standard 3D animation software used for nearly all major video games, as well as, 3D animated films like Frozen, Despicable Me, and How to Train Your Dragon.  Students will learn basic modeling, rigging and animation techniques, and create content they will bring into a 3D game engine to create their own unique 3D game environment.



3D Medical Modelling 7-9 

July 10th - July 14th

July 31st - August 4th

The perfect combination of biology and art!  This introductory course is a gateway to the world of 3D medical illustration. In this workshop, students will use Autodesk Maya to create 3D renderings of the body.  Participants will learn basic human anatomy and 3D sculpting.  They will work digitally, drawing organs and learning how to animate the internal structures of the body.



New! ASL Splash

July 10th - July 14th

In this new workshop for grades 7-9,  students will learn how to converse in American Sign Language. Students will see the world through Deaf eyes and heighten awareness of diversity through this immersive experience.  Using mime, gestures, and facial/body language, students will learn about communication through conversation and role plays.


Rochester is known for having a thriving and vibrant Deaf community. The ability to communicate in ASL is a great skill that can be very useful in future job and social situations.  Students who study a foreign language like ASL show greater cognitive development in such areas as mental flexibility, creativity, divergent thinking, and higher-order processing skills. Learning another language helps students increase their sensitivity which fosters a sense of humanity, friendship and diversity awareness.



New! Character Design for Manga, Comics and Illustration
July 10th - July 21st

or July 24 - August 4th

This course is designed exclusively for students interested in learning how to draw unique and compelling characters.  Students will learn basic anatomy and proportion, focusing on faces and hands.  The course will explore different drawing techniques, using pencil and ink, and enable students to create both human and animal characters.   Coloring techniques will be explored traditionally and with Adobe Photoshop.


A materials fee of $25 is required for this course, students will take the supplies home at the end of the workshop.



New! Coding in C#

July 10th - July 21st

or July 24 - August 4th

C# is a popular general purpose coding language used in a wide variety of applications, from data analysis, to machine learning, to game design. In this workshop, students will be challenged to create code that solves analytical problems.  Learning C# will open up endless new possibilities and help students obtain a strong foundation in computer science, game design, and will enhance their problem-solving skills.



Creative Coding with Java I

July 10th - July 21st

or July 24 - August 4th

In this class, students will be diving into the world of game making and computer programming. We will start by learning simple programming techniques in Java and move on to apply those concepts to a more complex game with awesome visuals. Java is a very versatile language, providing students with a solid foundation for future programming.  The tools used in class are free to download so students can continue to expand their skills and advance their game outside the classroom.



New! Delve into Design at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies

July 31st - August 4th

Delve into design! is an interactive, collaborative and hands-on workshop for students in who love making things. Come and be creative working with design professors at RIT and special invited guests who will expose participants to design thinking and problem-solving along with basic design principles such as color, visual communication, form studies and considerations for human factors. The focus will be on both 2D design/graphic design and 3D design/industrial design. Students will work in a studio setting and in a computer lab to solve a design problem, while exploring how thoughtful design positively impacts our daily lives.


Students will present their final work to a panel of judges on the last day and guests are invited to attend.



New! Dungeons and Dragons

July 31st - August 4th

Where can students learn team building, storytelling, probability, research, improvisation, critical analysis and be challenged to flex their creativity?  Around the table in the world of Dungeons and Dragons!  In this workshop, students will be taught how to to play and lead this wildly popular, complex tabletop roleplaying game. Each decision a student makes requires consultation of charts and mathematical estimation to determine success of the dice roll.  More than a math game, students must work together to unravel the game master’s puzzles. The possibilities are infinite as students figure out how to work with (and around) the rules, and gain confidence as they take on the role of wizards, paladins, warriors and rogues.



New! Introduction to Textile Arts

July 17th - 21st

or July 31st - August 4th

Create a pillow that shimmers with a starry sky, a bag patterned with intricate molecular structures, a beaded forest wall hanging, or design your own custom fabric project.


In this hands-on workshop, students will create their own fabric patterns using classic printmaking techniques, dyes and natural materials.   Once their fabric is complete, students will construct a project using a variety of hand-sewing, beading and applique techniques.  Students will have the option to use metallic inks, threads and glow-in-the-dark dyes.  This class is perfect for the student who would like to learn how to work with fabrics in unique and surprising ways.


A materials fee of $25 is required for this course, students will take the supplies home at the end of the workshop.



Magic of Flight and Aeronautics

July 10th - 14th

or 17th - 21st

The Wright brothers are famous for flying airplanes. Their inspiration came from flying a model airplane as children.  Seeing planes float in the air is magical! In this class students will learn to build and fly model airplanes.   Different glider designs will be discussed, including ornithopters and ribbed wing designs.  Up to four different designs will be built and kept by the students.  This class will focus on the principles of physics, including Newton’s three laws, inertia, friction, lift, drag, center of balance, and stability.  We will also focus on basic woodworking, (sanding with and against the grain, shaping, and finishing), the engineering design process, as well as learning how to use a laser cutter.   The instructor is a winning Science Olympiad coach (Elastic Launch Glider) and  students will be able to join the Academy of Model Aeronautics for free.


Please note, there is a $25 course fee associated with this workshop.  Students will be able to take their gliders home at the end of the workshop.


Safety Note:

Students will need to practice and exhibit restraint around delicate objects.  Students will be asked to wear face protection when sanding, and protective goggles when flying.



So you want to be an Engineer…?

July 24th - July 28th

Ever wonder what an engineer does?  How do these analytical inventors create complex machines and electronics?  Engineers investigate a problem, then use science and math to design a solution.  In this entry-level class, students will look at basic engineering problems such as reaching, lifting, launching, crossing, and detection.   Students will create solutions to these problems by building machines and programming simple circuits.  At the end of the week, students will have experienced the worlds of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students participating in this workshop will receive an Arduino-compatible board and sensors to take home, so they can continue to work on projects and expand their engineering skills at the end of the summer.


This camp is offered in conjunction with RIT’s office of Project Lead the Way, which is covering the supply costs.


Offered July 10-14  5th-6th grade only.

Offered July 24-28  7th-9th grade only.




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