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Mato Franković, mayor of Dubrovnik, visits RIT

Monday, March 5, 2018

Mato Franković, mayor of Dubrovnik, Croatia and his team visited RIT's main campus to learn about the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, both within RIT and in the region. Mr.  Franković is an RIT alumnus, receiving his degree in 2003 in hotel and resort management (CAST) from RIT Croatia.

During his visit to the Henrietta campus he toured the Simone Center, the Construct, the AMPrint Center and the KGCOE multidisciplinary senior design program where he was able to experience some of RIT’s most innovative projects. He also had the chance to learn about some of the university’s community partners such as the New York Wine & Culinary Center (NYWCC).

In the afternoon, Mr. Franković led an open forum presentation titled “Challenges Facing Dubrovnik Tourism” where he discussed the challenges that Dubrovnik faces as a result of summer tourism and the city’s plans to address these issues. The presentation was attended by over 75 members of the RIT community. The forum was livestreamed to RIT Croatia – Dubrovnik Campus where a group of almost 60 students gathered to see the presentation. This forum was co-hosted by RIT Global and CAST’s department of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

To conclude his visit Mr. Franković met briefly with Dr. Jeremey Haefener and Dr. Munson.