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University Assessment Measures

To track institutional effectiveness, student learning, and progress, RIT relies on a variety of university-wide data sources and benchmarks. A sample of the data sources is listed below. Please click on the source link for further information.

Academic Program Census Annual
Academic Program Review (2015) Ongoing (rotates every seven years among programs)
Admitted Student Questionnaire Plus (ASQ+) Biannual
Alumni Surveys Annual
COACHE Every three years
Co-operative Work Experience Supervisor Evaluation Quarterly
Delaware Study Annual
Diversity Profiles Annual
Enrollment Budget Projections and Forecasting Annual
Institutional Research Data Ongoing
Internal Audits Ongoing (rotates among departments)
National Survey of Student Engagement Biannual
Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey Biannual
Program Level Assessment Learning Progress Report Annual
RIT Enrollment & Retention Data Dashboards Annual
RIT Faculty and Staff Engagement and Climate Survey Biannual
Space Utilization Study Annual
Student Evaluations of Teaching Annual