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Assessment Awards and Grants

Provost's Award for Excellence in Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

The Excellence in Student Learning Outcomes Award recognizes an academic degree program that is committed to best practices in assessment, improving student learning, and continuous program improvement. To qualify for the award the program must involve stakeholders in assessment, establish effective assessment planning and implementation processes, and demonstrate continuous improvement. Each college can submit one program. The 2015 nominees are:

  • CIAS: BS Media Arts & Technology
  • COLA: BS and MS Criminal Justice
  • GCCIS: PhD Computing & Information Sciences
  • KGCOE: BS Mechanical Engineering
  • NTID: Design & Imaging Technology

The recipient will be notified in April. Please visit the Provost’s website for more information.

Student Learning @ RIT Assessment Grants

The Student Learning @ RIT Assessment Grant is designed to support the development and implementation of student learning assessment activities in academic programs and the General Education Framework. The purpose of the grant is to promote innovative approaches or improved practice in the assessment of student learning. To apply for the Student Learning @ RIT Assessment Grant 2015-16, click here. Proposals are due May 15, 2015.

Click on the links below for more information on Student Learning @ RIT Assessment Grant recipients and projects.

The Student Learning @ RIT Assessment Grant recipients for 2014-2015

Paul A. Craig (COS):
Faculty Engagement in Course Improvement Through the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Process

Joseph Hornak (COS):
Development of an Assessment Plan for the New MS Chemistry Curriculum

Clyde E. Hull (SCB):
Pilot Test the Bloomberg Aptitute Test (BAT) as an Assessment Tool

Heidi B. Miller (CHST):
Curricular Mapping and Revision of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan in the New Physician Assistant (PA) Program BS/MS Currirulum Model

Michael Yacci (GCCIS)
Modeling Choices in the Exploration Program

The Student Learning @ RIT Assessment Grant recipients for 2013-2014

For more information on the grant, click on the title.

Elizabeth Hane, Christy Tyler, Karl Korfmacher (COS): 
Improving Data Collection & Closing the Assessment Loop

Deana B. Olles, Helen Timberlake, Rebecca Daggar (COS): 
Increasing Success in Mathematics Trailer Sections

Michael Yacci (GCCIS): 
Exploring the Exploration Program

Hamad Ghazle (CHST):
Developing a New Assessment Tool for Measure Employer Satisfaction of Diagnostic Medical Sonography Graduates

The Student Learning @ RIT Assessment Grant recipients for 2012-2013

For more information on the grant, click on the title.

Kirsten Condry, Suzanne Bamonto-Graney (COLA): 
Psychology Assessment: Improving Instruments and Closing the Loop

Agamemnon Crassidis (KGCOE): 
Master of Science Assessment Evaluation Strategy Using Research Thesis

Henry A. Etlinger, Rajendra K. Raj (GCCIS): 
Putting the “Student” in Student Learning Outcomes

Judy Porter, Laverne McQuiller Williams (COLA): 
Assessment Grant to Pilot Master Field Test in Criminal Justice