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C16.0 Smoking


Applies to all students, employees, and visitors to the university.


Consistent with public health regulations of the County of Monroe, smoking or carrying of lighted cigars, cigarettes, pipes, or any other form of smoking object is prohibited in any indoor area at RIT, including but not limited to classrooms, offices, laboratories, dining facilities, lunch rooms, vending areas, break rooms, vestibules, and loading docks. Furthermore, smoking is prohibited in all areas of any buildings which house classroom facilities. Exceptions to this policy are those noted in county regulations and outlined below.

Residence Halls and University-Operated Apartments: Smoking is prohibited in all RIT housing.

Smoking Areas: Smoking can occur 25 feet from any residential facility. This is to avoid the issue of second-hand smoke.


Complaints about compliance with the Monroe County Regulation on Smoking should be reported to the supervisor of the area where the violation has occurred. It is the supervisor's responsibility to rectify the situation in accordance with the public health regulations and keep written documentation regarding actions taken. Questions or assistance on interpretation of the policy should be directed to the Department of Human Resources.

Responsible Office:
Department of Human Resources

Effective Date:
Personnel Policy 6.14 issued June 1, 1984

Policy History:
Last revised October 2003
Edited August, 2010


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