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C19.0 University Closings

Because of the large resident student population and to minimize interruptions to the academic calendar, every effort is made to keep the university open. The capacity of Facilities Management Services to meet an emergency is the major factor considered. In the case of severe weather conditions, the safety of the faculty, staff and students will also be a major factor considered.

Emergency Closing Procedure

The following procedure will be implemented in the case of an emergency closing of the university or cancellation of classes. Please note that cancellation of classes differs from the closing of the university. When conditions warrant the cancellation of classes, an effective time of cancellation will be determined. This situation will affect classes only, not work schedules. An emergency closing of the university, on the other hand, means that only designated personnel will be asked to remain or to report to work.

The associate vice president of Global Risk Management Services will contact the vice president of finance and administration, stating the problem and an opinion. The vice president of finance and administration will consult with the president and provost whenever possible before closing decisions are finalized. An effort will be made to have a closing announcement on the air by 6:00 a.m. for the cancellation of classes, or by 2:30 p.m. for classes or activities occurring for the remainder of the day. The effective time of closing will also be announced. An emergency closing message will be recorded on:

475-7075 V 
475-7076 TTY 
475-2411 (RIT's main number)

Channels 8, 10, 13 and 31 will carry closed captioned messages during these announcements.

Dining Services, Facilities Management Services, and Public Safety staff will follow the instructions of their respective department heads.

Responsible Office:
Global Risk Management Services

Effective Date:
Approved prior to April 1984

Policy History: 
Last revised December 16, 1996 
Edited July 2008 (department name change) 
Edited August 2010
Edited September 2012 (conversion and department name corrections)
Edited February 10, 2015 (changed the title of the person initiating the discussion about closing)



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