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E08.0 Academic Administrator Search Statement

A consultative search procedure shall be conducted within the affected academic unit of RIT to fill such academic administrative positions as dean, school director, department head, staff chair, program director, or other academic administrative position whose primary professional responsibilities include administration of faculty. The search process and procedure used for filling such a position shall be made explicit within the affected unit and consultation of the full-time faculty within the unit shall be required. Individuals selected through these procedures shall be administrative officers of the respective academic units, not elected officials, and hence shall serve at the pleasure of their administrative supervisor, usually a dean or vice president.

Since the various academic units of the university have historically followed consultative search procedures approved in their own units, the diversity of existing procedures and practices within the units will continue to be respected. The following guidelines should characterize search procedures, except where the existing procedure of the unit has specified otherwise:

  1. As soon as possible after notice of an impending vacancy, the appropriate administrative supervisor will define and initiate the consultative search procedure to be followed in filling the vacancy.

  2. The administrative officer will specify the nature of the position, the criteria for the search, baseline qualifications for the position, and the form of the recommendations expected from the search process.

  3. Where the appropriate search procedure is the creation of a search committee, there shall be representation of all appropriate full-time faculty constituencies on the search committee.

  4. The administrative officer shall appoint the chair of the committee or determine how the chair shall be selected.

  5. The search committee shall be empowered to make recommendations to the appropriate administrative officer.

  6. Full-time faculty affected by the administrative position to be filled shall have an opportunity to examine all final candidates for the position.

  7. The search procedure shall follow university policies on equal opportunity and affirmative action.

Although convenience or necessity in certain cases may require an acting appointment, a search committee for a permanent replacement must be established as required above.

Responsible Party:

Effective Date:
Approved March 16, 1988

Policy History:
Edited September 2010
Edited October 2010


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