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E13.0 Faculty Salary Policy

Scope: All faculty

1. Salary Notification

The salary for each faculty member is reviewed annually by the dean and other appropriate administrators within the college, the provost, and the president and is specified in writing to the faculty member prior to the beginning of each academic year. Annual salary increments shall be determined on the basis of performance review, benchmarking, and cost of living, within the constraints of the pool of available funding. (See Policy E7.0 on “Annual Review of Faculty").

2. Salary Payments

The majority of faculty work on a 9.5 month basis over the academic year (generally this is the last week of August through the first week of June). All faculty are paid over 12 months beginning July 1 through June 30. Salary payments for faculty members are distributed to each faculty member semimonthly on the fifteenth and the last business day of each month (or the closest Friday).

Salary and benefit payments paid during July and August are considered advance payments (paid but not yet earned). In the event that the employment of the employee terminates before the end of the period for which such advance payments are made, the employee agrees to repay any amounts which they received as an advance for which they do not subsequently work.

Pay for summer work may overlap regular academic year salary payments. The number of payments and when they are paid depend upon the specific employment conditions for the summer work.

Responsible Office:
Human Resources and the Office of the Provost

Effective Date:
Approved prior to July 1975 

Policy History:
Revised October 24, 1996 
Edited August 2001
Edited August 2010
Revision approved April 26, 2012


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