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E27.0 Performance Appraisal


Consistent with the mission, vision, and core values of the university, Rochester Institute of Technology strives to treat all staff with respect, professionalism, and open communication.


Within the context of these values and guiding principles, staff will receive formal communication regarding their performance through an annual, documented, performance appraisal process. Department heads and staff will use current university processes and procedures, which include 1) a system and timeline for periodic performance assessment by using agreed upon procedures and tools, 2) individual performance and/or professional development plans, 3) two-way communication opportunities between the supervisor and employee, and 4) the established staff grievance procedures (E 30.0) as the appeal process.

The performance appraisal process will enable both appraising supervisor and employee an opportunity to mutually discuss an annual plan of work and/or performance goals that will be the basis for providing an overall summary of annual performance in the coming year and for making decisions affecting promotion, salary/hourly rate adjustments, merit increases, and other personnel matters.

Responsible Party:

Effective Date:
Approved May 20, 2010

Policy History:
Revised September 30, 2004
Edited October 2010 


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