Resources for Policy Development

We are pleased to provide several new resources to assist individuals and groups involved in developing proposals for new policies and proposing revisions to existing policies. 

  • To assist authors in developing proposals for new policies or revisions to existing policies, the glossary of general and RIT policy-related terminology defines frequently-used (and often confused) terms such as policies, procedures, practices, principles, standards, etc.  This resource may be particularly helpful to individuals or groups who are developing a policy proposal for the first time.
  • The university's new standard policy format seeks to
    • 1) increase the consistency in the organization and presentation of policies throughout the policy library,
    • 2) identify content elements required to formulate a complete policy,
    • 3) establish which content elements must be presented as separate sections, in what order, and the terminology to use for each section, and
    • 4) provide sufficient flexibility for authors to state and arrange some of the content elements in ways that flow naturally and logically.

    Proposals for revisions to existing policies and new policies should be drafted using the new format.

  • When presenting proposed revisions to an existing policy, authors are encouraged to use one document to compare the proposed revisions to the existing policy. Inserting a Word table into a document is an effective tool to use for side-by-side comparisons.  For use in the policy development process, authors can copy a side-by-side comparison template.