Policy Number: E11.0


A. The Academic Senate and the provost shall create a standing committee of the Academic Senate called Institute Effective Teaching Committee (I.E.T.C.).

1. The committee shall be composed of the provost or his or her delegate, one academic dean appointed by the provost, and one faculty member per college appointed by the Executive Committee of Academic Senate. The faculty members should be those whose major responsibility is teaching, and if possible, past recipients of the Eisenhart Awards. The Executive Committee may appoint additional members.

2. The term of office shall be two years on a rotating basis at the end of spring semester. The committee shall annually select its own chair from among its faculty members.

3. The I.E.T.C. will work for the faculty and with the university academic administration to foster quality teaching at the university. The committee will report by April 30 each year to the provost and to the Academic Senate. This report will include:

The committee will receive its charge, which will reflect the evaluative report from the previous year, from the Academic Senate in September.

4. The chair of the committee may have up to one-third release time from normal teaching activities depending upon the charge identified by the Academic Senate and the provost. Clerical support will be provided to the committee. Professional assistance will be provided to the committee when needed by the appropriate RIT staff. The operating budget will be determined on the basis of the charge.

B. The I.E.T.C. shall have the following specific responsibilities:

Responsible Party: Academic Senate

Effective Date: Approved December 11, 1974

Policy History:
Last revised March 29, 2001
Edited September 2010
Edited October 2010
Edited August 22, 2012 - calendar conversion language; formatting