Templates and samples of recommended documents to use when presenting policy proposals

As a reminder, during the policy development stage, policy authors are expected to 1) seek legal guidance, 2) request input from stakeholders, and 3) engage in the fact-finding, research, and analysis needed to develop a thorough proposal. The results of all these efforts must be documented separately, and provided for review by the applicable governance group(s) during the different stages of the review and approval process.

There are no standard forms or templates required for presenting policy proposals or documents; however, policy authors are encouraged to make it as easy as possible for reviewers to understand the reason for, and nature of, the proposal as well as what action or outcome is being requested. To achieve these objectives, general guidelines follow:

Proposing Changes to an Existing Policy

When presenting changes to an existing policy, it is important to clearly convey how the proposed edits and revisions differ from the current policy.  For changes that are primarily related to language (rather than order or structure), using a Word table to create a side-by-side comparison allows reviewers to see the "before" and proposed "after" in one document.  The template sample below can be downloaded and used for review by the applicable governance groups.



Proposing a New Policy

When presenting a new policy proposal, it is particularly important to provide a summary of fact-finding, research, and analysis that supports the need for the policy.