Web Development

RIT Production Services offers a complete range of Web services which include:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Drupal Content Management System Implementation
  • Mobile Apps Development [For iOS and Android]
  • Web-Based Application Development
  • Online Registration Systems
  • Secure Online Credit Card Processing [Using RIT's Nelnet payment gateway]


Raman Bhalla Assistant Director, Web/IT Services 585.475.2555 raman.bhalla@rit.edu
Megan Bastian Web Designer 585.475.2719 megan.bastian@rit.edu
Joseph Geraci Web Developer/Programmer 585.475.2025 joey.geraci@rit.edu
Harry Groover Web Administrator 207.409.1682 harry.groover@rit.edu
Gage LaFleur Web Developer/Programmer 585.475.6671 gage.lafleur@rit.edu
Elizabeth Lamark Photography Services Supervisor 585.475.6696 etletc@rit.edu
Dan Roder Web Developer/Programmer 585.475.7239 dan.roder@rit.edu
Kirk Bater Web Developer/Programmer 585.475.7701 kirk.bater@rit.edu

Steven Wunrow Director, RIT Production Services 585.475.4945 steven.wunrow@rit.edu
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