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For a complete review of Dimension One Difference Makers and Objectives, visit the Dimension One section of the full Strategic Plan website. The content below reflects Academic Affairs task forces and progress.

DM 1.1 The T-Shaped Graduate

RIT will build upon its strong academic portfolio, extensive experiential learning and co-curricular offerings, and the rich diversity of its people and programs to develop “T-shaped” graduates possessing both disciplinary depth (the vertical axis of the “T”) and breadth across multiple skills and competencies (the horizontal axis).

Task Force




James Hall, Executive Director, School of Individualized Study


Jodi Boita, Director, Assessment, Technology, and Communications, Student Affairs


Besim Agusaj, RIT Croatia
Heath Boice-Pardee, Division of Student Affairs
Kate Caliel, Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education
Harold Fields, Center for Residence Life
Ricky Figueroa, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences
Kerry Foxx, Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement
Elizabeth Hane, College of Science
Michelle Harris, B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences
Deanna Jacobs, College of Applied Science and Technology
Denise Kavin, NTID Liberal Studies
Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard, Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Elizabeth Perry, College of Health Sciences and Technology
Sean Sutton, College of Liberal Arts
Tom Trabold, Golisano Institute for Sustainability
Tomicka Wagstaff, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Anne Wahl, Office of Educational Effectiveness Assessment
John Ward,  Saunders College of Business



September 2015 Charge to the T-Shape Tiger Team


June 2017 T-Shape Report

DM 1.2 Interdisciplinary teaching and research

RIT will offer opportunities for study at the intersections of technology and the arts, imagination and application, and rigor and curiosity—all designed to meet the demands of future careers in the complex global economy.

Task Force

Core Steering Group


Clark Hochgraf, College of Applied Science and Technology

Stan Rickel, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences
Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm, College of Liberal Arts
Rob Pearson, Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Carol Romanowski, B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences
Jason Nordhaus, National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Dawn Hollenbeck, College of Science
Jason Nordhaus, National Technical Institute for the Deaf
TBD, Saunders College of Business
TBD, Golisano Institute for Sustainability
Caroline Easton, College of Health Sciences and Technology
Andy Phelps, MAGIC Center
Richard DeMartino, Simone Center
James Hall, School of Individualized Study

Committee Affiliates
Susan Lakin,College of Imaging Arts and Sciences
Judy Porter,College of Liberal Arts
David Martins, University Writing Program
Elizabeth Hane, General Education, College of Science


Charge to the Committee on Interdisciplinary Work

DM 1.7 On-time Graduation

RIT will make the on-time graduation of its undergraduate and graduate students a highly visible university priority.

Task Force


Christine Licata, Senior Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

Working Team Leaders
Ed Lincoln, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management & Career Services
Joseph Loffredo, Associate Vice President and Registrar
Fred Walker, former Dean, College of Applied Science and Technology

Jesus Aguilar, Instructional Faculty, Philosophy Department, CLA
Luke Auburn, Communication Specialist, Human Resources
Candice Baldwin, Senior Director for Academic Success, Multicultural Center for Academic Success, Diversity & Inclusion
Stephanie Bauschard, Associate Director, University Advising Office
Heath Boice-Pardee, Associate Vice President, Student Development, Student Affairs
Lisa Boice, Assistant Dean, Student Services, SCB
Jodi Boita, Assessment Director, Research & Tech Services, Student Affairs
Charlie Border, Associate Professor, Information Sciences & Technologies, GCCIS
Nicole Boulais, Associate Vice President, Student Learning, Support & Planning, Student Affairs
Belinda Bryce, Program Director, HEOP, Office of the President
Jeanne Casares, Associate Vice President & CIO
Robin Cass, Associate Dean and Professor, CIAS
Matt Coppenbarger, Associate Head for Student Affairs and Associate Professor, School of Mathematical
Sciences, COS
Kevin Dudarchik, Director, ITS Applications Development  
Bob Finnerty, Chief Communications Officer, University News Services
Rebecca Fletcher Roberts, Assistant Dean, CHST
Megan Fritts, Academic Advisor, Computing Security, GCCIS
Nick Giordano, President, Student Government
Joan Graham, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research  
Scott Grasman, Department Head and Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering, KGCOE
Verna Hazen, Assoc. VP & Director, Financial Aid and Scholarship, Enrollment Management and Career Services
Dan Hickey, Assistant Director, Academic Support Center, Student Affairs
Gary Johnson, Associate Director, University Advising Office
Mohan Kumar, Department Chair and Professor, Computer Science, GCCIS
Raja Kushalnagar, Instructor, Information and Computing Studies, NTID
Jenny LaFlam, Retention and Technology Manager, University Advising Office
Mike Long, Data and Research Analyst, Office of the Registrar
Shawna Lusk, Director, Center for Orientation & Transition, Student Affairs
Lynne Mazadoorian, Director, University Advising Office
Fernando Naveda, Professor and Director, Office of Intersession and Summer
Dave Pecora, IT Manager, Application Development  
Chelsea Petree, Director, Parent and Family Programs, Student Affairs
Ellen Shady, Director, University Publications, Enrollment Management and Career Services
Tony Smith, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice, CLA
John Smithgall, Assistant Dean, CLA
Rachel Silvestrini, Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, KGCOE
Tina Sturgis, Senior Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar
Laura Tubbs, Associate Dean and Professor, Undergraduate Education, COS
Stephen Turner, ACE Fellow, 2015-2016 Academic Year
David Wick, Director, Diversity Assessment/Research Management, Diversity & Inclusion
Nilay Yildirim, Senior Research Associate, Institutional Research  
Additional Student Success Steering Committee Members:
Anne Wahl, Assistant Provost Assessment & Accreditation, Office of Educational Effectiveness Assessment,
Office of the Provost and Sr VP for Academic Affairs
Carla Dilella, Executive Director of Housing Operations & Global Initiatives, Aux-Housing Operations Admin,
Lynn Wild, Associate Provost for Faculty Development & The Wallace Center, The Wallace Center


October 2015 Charge to the Student Success Steering Committee for On-Time Graduation


August 2016 On-Time Graduation Report and Recommendations

January 2017 On-Time Graduation Action Plan, Timeline and Budget

DM 1.8 Innovation

RIT will be a center of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship that serves as an important economic engine for Rochester, the region, and the nation.


November 2016 Report to Academic Senate