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Summer Courses

Each year we offer a mix of TigerTerm credit-bearing and non-credit bearing courses.  Tuition for credit-bearing courses is calculated by multiplying the number of SCHs (1,2,3 or 4) by the current summer TigerTerm graduate or undergraduate SCH rate.  Note that the rate per SCH for these courses may be different than that of the SCH rate charged for Fall, Spring and Intersession terms. Please click on this page's "Tuition and Fees" tab for this year's Summer TigerTerm SCH rates.  Non-credit-bearing courses are billed on a per-course fee basis shown under the SCH column for the course.  Non-credit bearing courses are identified by a course number that is less than 100. In general, students are strongly encouraged to consult with their academic advisor before enrolling in anyTigerTerm course and discuss whether or not the credits earned my count towards their degree.

While we make every attempt to keep the list of summer courses on this page current, before registering for any course, students are encouraged to consult RIT's Student Information System.

Summer 2014 Classes