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Tuition and Fees

Graduate and undergraduate TigerTerm course tuition and fees will be assessed separately for January Intersession and summer terms, respectively.

Each year, in collaboration with our colleges and other RIT units, the Office of Intersession and Summer works to develop a balanced offering of TigerTerm courses that include both credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing courses.  Non-credit bearing courses are billed on a per-course fee basis. Please click on the "January Courses" or "Summer Courses" tabs on this page to learn about our course offerings.

Graduate and undergraduate tuition for the January 2014 Intersession reflects a 30% discount off the tuition charged per SCH during the regular academic year.

January 2014 Tuition per Semester Credit Hour (SCH)
Graduate $1,164
Undergraduate $834





Therefore, tuition for an undergraduate 3-SCH TigerTerm course offered in the 2014 January intersession would be 3 x $834 = $2,502. Summer 2014 tuition rates will be announced later this year.

NTID-supported January 2014 Tuition per Semester Credit Hour (SCH).  These rates are NOT discounted
Graduate domestic $620
Graduate international $1,240
Undergraduate domestic $563
Undergraduate international $1,126