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Fall 2015 Heavy Hitters

1 Malarvizhi Hirudayaraj HRDE.720.01 Theories of Org. Dvt.
2 Patricia Poteat GRCS.701.02 Research Methods
3 Lynn Wild CMDS.442.01 Learning Organization
4 Deborah Colton-Hebert MKTG.761.01 Mktg Concepts & Commercialization
5 Susan Mee & Patricia Poteat GRCS.702.02 Graduate Writing Strategies
6 Heath Boice-Pardee SERQ.750.01 The Student Experience in Higher Ed.
7 Kijana Crawford SOCI.220.01 Minority Group Relations
8 Jean Louise Mahar TCOM.325.02 Business Communication
9 Jean Louise Mahar ENGL.361.03 Technical Writing
10 Steve Zilora ISTE.764.01 Project Management
11 Kathleen Szczepanek NAST.225.01 Business Graphics
12 Roger O'Brien HRDE.742.01 Change Leadership
13 Adriana Kulakowski NAST.140.03 Essential Document Production
14 Lisa Greenwood ESHS.720.01 Environ., Health and Safety Mgt.
15 Elizabeth Kmiecinski NUTR.300.01 Sports Nutrition
16 Adriana Kulakowski NAST.215.01/02/03 Integrated Document Production
17 Patricia Poteat HLTH.310.01 Health Care Quality Assurance
18 Jenna Lenhardt MGMT.215.01 Organizational Behavior
19 Ralph Ades & John Frater BUSI.712.01 International Project Management
20 Elizabeth Kmiecinski & Angelina Maia NUTR.215.01/02 Contemporary Nutrition
21 Lisa Greenwood ESHS.755.01 Corporate Social Responsibility
22 John Roche ENGL.440.02 Poetry Workshop
23 Linda Tolan HRDE.711.01 Program Eval and Design
24 Jennifer Digaetano HSPT.767.01 Convention & Event Management
25 Marcos Esterman ISEE.771.02 Engineering of Systems I
26 Elizabeth Kmiecinski NUTR.510.01 Nutrition in Complementary Med.
27 Carol Oehlbeck MATH.131.02 Discrete Mathematics
28 Ila Parasnis MSSE.702.01 Ed and Cult Diversity
29 Leonie Fernandes BUSI.711.01 Advanced Project Management
30 Jeffrey Rogers FCMG.660.01 Princ/Pract. in Fac. Mgmnt
31 Roberta Klein ACCT.603.01 Accounting for Decision Makers
32 Collette Caton UWRT.150.42 FYW: Writing Seminar
33 Timothy Giarrusso ISEE.781.01 Excellence in New Product Devt.
34 Carol Romanowski CSCI.620.01 Introduction to Big Data
35 Susan Foster MSSE.703.01 Special Ed in Social Context
36 James Barrett HLTH.300.01 Health Care Sys. & Op.
37 Michael Kane NAST.160.01/02/03 Spreadsheet Apps for Bus.
38 Burton Kleinman BUSI.710.01 Project Management
39 Robert Stevens MECE.348.04/14 Contemporary Issues
40 Karen van Meenen ENGL.211.04 Intro to Creative Writing
41 Robert Tillett UWRT.150.43 FYW: Writing Seminar
42 Chris Campbell NACA.172.01/02 Website Development
43 Joy Olabisi MGMT.740.03 Org. Behavior & Leadership
44 Mary Beth Parker NAST.220.01 Database Apps for Business
45 Denise Kavin UWRT.100.20/23 Critical Reading & Writing
46 Qi Yu ISTE.612.01 Knowledge Process Technologies
47 Suzan Tessier PSYC.236.01/04 Personality
48 Suzan Tessier PSYC/WGST.237.02 Psychology of Gender
49 Katherine Morrissey ENGL.215.02 Text & Code
50 Michelle Firnstein CMDS.510.02 Multidisciplinary Life

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