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Spring 2013-14 (2135)

1 Richard Morales & Sam McQuade PROF.705.01 Context and Trends
2 Patricia Poteat GRCS.701.02 Research Methods
3 Michael Kane NAST.160.01 Spreadsheet Apps for Bus
4 Patricia Poteat HLTH.735.01 Mgmt of Risk in Health Care
5 John Roche ENGL.440.15 Poetry Workshop
6 Tom Connor SOFA.543/665.01 Targeting an Audience
7 Susan Mee & Patricia Poteat GRCS.702.02 Graduate Writing Strategies
8 James Jacobs Jr. SERQ.710.01 Evolving Contexts In Service
9 Lynn Wild CMDS.432.01 Managing Org. Change
10 Xumin Liu CSCI.620.01 Introduction to Big Data
11 Kijana Crawford SOCI.235.15 Women, Work, and Culture
12 Roger O'Brien HRDE.742.01 Change Leadership
13 Carol Romanowski CSCI.620.03 Introduction to Big Data
14 Jean Louise Mahar TCOM.325.04 Business Communication
15 Kijana Crawford SOCI.102.15 Foundations of Sociology
16 Burton Kleinman BUSI.710.01 Project Management
17 Joseph Baschnagel PSYC.236.10 Personality
18 Elizabeth Kmiecinski NUTR.300.01 Sports Nutrition
19 Lynn Wild CMDS.431.01 Understanding Org. Culture
20 Jean Louise Mahar ENGL.361.15 Technical Writing
21 J. Humbert & S. Whitmore CMDS.461.01 Leading in a Global Environ
22 Carol Romanowski CSCI.721.01 Data Cleaning and Preparation
23 Donna Dickson HRDE.710.01 Foundations in HRD
24 Steven Day MECE.358.01 Cont. Issues Bioengineering
25 Lisa Greenwood ESHS.720.01 Environ, Health and Safety Mgt
26 Vicki Hanson HCIN.700.01/02 Current Topics in HCI
27 Patricia Poteat HLTH.330.01 Health Planning & Program Dev
28 Robert Stevens MECE.357.01 Cont. Issues Energy/Envirmnt
29 Donna Dickson HRDE.722.01 Talent Development
30 John Roche ENGL.150.12 FYW: Future of Writing
31 Rajendra Raj CSCI.622.01 Secure Data Management
32 Denise Kavin UWRT.100.21 Critical Reading & Writing
33 Gretchen Wainwright ESHS.614.01 Indust Wastewater Management
34 Ila Parasnis MSSE.702.01 Ed and Cult Diversity
35 Collette Caton UWRT.150.52 FYW: Writing Seminar
36 Jeffrey Rogers FCMG.789.01 Special Topics in Facilities M
37 Tracy Magin NAST.215.01 Integrated Document Production
38 R. Kushalnagar & C. Campbell NACA.160.01/02 Programming Fundamentals I
39 Pamela Conley UWRT.150.60 FYW: Writing Seminar
40 Majid Rabbani EEEE.789.02 Special Topics
41 Deborah Mourey HLTH.725.01 Marketing within Health Care
42 Michelle Firnstein CMDS.510.02 Multidisciplinary Life
43 Tywanquila Walker PSYC.101.05 Introduction to Psychology
44 Annalis Lown BUSI.410.01 Project Management
45 Edward Tracey ESHS.501/601.01 Fire Protection
46 Ralph Ades & John Frater BUSI.412/712.01 Intl Project Management
47 Christina Birkentall INDE.222.01 Design Issues
48 Jennifer Wolfley CRIM.265.15 & WGST.265.01 Women and Crime
49 Chris Campbell NACT.235.02/03 Intro to Database Applications
50 Jennifer Matic SERQ.722.01 Customer Centricity

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