Faculty Services & Support

Teaching & Learning Services is ready to make sure that RIT faculty have instructional service and support at all levels, from planning and designing a new course to in-classroom support. TLS is also your source for ongoing assistance with all aspects of online course delivery.

Combining both pedagogical and technological expertise, TLS is a start-to-finish guide for solving your teaching problems and enhancing your students’ learning experiences.

Technical Support

TLS can help you adopt and implement technology as part of your campus or online classroom, including exploring ways to use technology, designing learning activities, and real-time classroom technology support.

Academic Technologies and Media Development

RIT faculty can take advantage of many kinds of technology and media, from simple presentations to custom games to help students understand and apply core concepts. Designers and technologists at TLS can help you visualize a technological or media solution to enrich your students’ learning experience, and then partner with you to make it a reality

Instructional Support

Solving Teaching Problems

Are you concerned that your students aren’t “getting it”? Are you having problems adapting a successful classroom activity to an online class? Do you feel you aren’t giving course material the depth it needs?

The Instructional Design Consultants at TLS can help you with these problems and more. Solutions may include pedagogical advice, adopting technology, or both---whatever best fits your style and situation.

Enhancing Learning

Are you trying to find new ways to get through to your students? Have you been teaching a class successfully, but want to do more with it? Did you see or hear about a teaching method that you want to try?

Contact the Instructional Design Consultants at TLS to explore teaching strategies and methods that can create a new dynamic in your online or campus classroom.

The Instructional Design Consultants at Teaching & Learning Services are always ready to work with faculty. Call at 475-2551 to set up an appointment.

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