What is PeerEval?

PeerEval is an online peer evaluation tool built-in to the RIT course management system, myCourses. It began as a senior project designed by students in the Software Engineering department in Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences. It was then redesigned into myCourses and is available to all RIT faculty to use in their courses. It is a great tool to gather summative and formative data on the groups in your classes. It provides an anonymous way for students to share their own impressions about how their groups worked together, which is valuable information for a faculty to know, especially if there is a problem in the group.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Using a peer evaluation tool lets you gather information from students who are part of the group, instead evaluating their participation in a group based on the final deliverable only.
  • Using PeerEval in a formative fashion will allow an instructor to receive feedback from group members about how well a group is working together throughout the entire process instead of just at the end of the project. This is useful so that the instructor can intervene if needed before a problem becomes unmanageable.
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