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15 RIT Strategic Plan Priorities for Early Implementation

Updated Fall 2016

  1. DM I.1 “T-Shaped Graduate”

RIT will build upon its strong academic portfolio, extensive experiential learning and co-curricular offerings, and the rich diversity of its people and programs to develop “T-shaped” graduates possessing both disciplinary depth (the vertical axis of the “T”) and breadth across multiple skills and competencies (the horizontal axis, or “transversal” skills).

  1. DM I.2 “Interdisciplinarity”

RIT will offer the opportunities for study at the intersections of technology and the arts, imagination and application, and rigor and curiosity—all designed to meet the demands of future careers in the complex global economy. This includes supporting objectives.

  1. DM I.7 “On-time Graduation”

RIT will make the on-time graduation of its undergraduate and graduate students a highly visible university priority.

  1. DM I.8 “Innovation”

RIT will be a center of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship that serves as an important economic engine for Rochester, the region, and the nation.

  1. DM II.1 “Signature Research Areas”

RIT will be internationally distinguished as a research university through its focus on and investment in specific inter- and trans-disciplinary research areas identified through a systematic and inclusive selection process.'

  1. DM II.2 “$100M Sponsored Research”  

RIT will maximize the impact and financial support gained through its research programs by collaborating more extensively with business and industry to yield $100M in total research funding annually.

  1. DM II.4  “Graduate Education” 

RIT will enlarge its graduate portfolio through adding professional and research-focused programs in STEM fields, the humanities, social sciences, and arts, increasing the graduate student population by 30%. New programs will include experiential learning, research, scholarship, and co-curricular opportunities. All programs will strive for the highest levels of excellence and global recognition.

  1. DM III.5 “Largest Producer”

RIT will be the largest producer of female, minority male, and deaf or hard-of-hearing STEM graduates among all private colleges in the U.S.

  1. DM III.6 “Achievement Gap” 

RIT will eliminate the achievement gap between minority and majority students, becoming a model of inclusive excellence for all students, faculty, and staff.

  1. DM III.7 “Inclusive excellence”

RIT will become a  model of inclusive excellence for all faculty and staff in the areas of professional development and promotion.

  1. DM III.8 “Inclusive excellence in performance and promotion”

RIT’s core values of diversity and inclusion will be reflected in performance and promotion assessment at all levels and in all functions of the university.

  1. DM III.10 “Marketing”

RIT will initiate a comprehensive marketing campaign to make all current and potential stakeholders and higher education at large fully aware of the university’s extraordinary history, its unique character, and its exceptional record of success.

  1. DM IV.1 “Best Placement Rate”

RIT will be the university with the best placement rate and return on investment of all private universities in the United States.

  1. DM IV.3 “Financial needs of low-income students”

Through a tuition containment program and a capital campaign drive for additional scholarship support, RIT will address the financial needs of promising low-income students.

  1. DM IV.4 “Campaign”

RIT will launch a blended capital campaign entitled Greatness through Difference to raise the public, private, and research funding necessary for the achievement of critical “Difference Makers” in the 2015-2025 strategic plan.