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Advising in University Studies

University Studies provides academic advising for undergraduate RIT students interested in exploring or changing a major. If after an advising appointment a student wishes to request a change of program into the University Studies program, he or she will need to be in his or her first or second year and meet all admission requirements.

Changing into the University Studies Program is not an option for a student who is in his or her third year or higher, however, that student is still welcome to consult with an advisor in USP about his or her options and to gain information about the general change of major process.

An appointment is required with one of the University Studies Program advisors to discuss options and programs.

How Does Advising Work in USP?

You will meet with one of three academic advisors who will be able to assist you with these types of situations:

What happens in USP during Semester Conversion?

Every exploring student is unique based on his/her interests, values and skills. Students will be able to complete liberal arts and science, writing and major- sampling courses beginning their first term in the University Studies Program.

Advisors in USP will assist students in understanding their major options at RIT, and will facilitate the course selection process throughout the transitional period.

All University Studies Students will be required to develop an individual advising plan (IAP) with their new college once a change of major occurs.