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Living/Learning Community (LLC)

Being undecided can be a little daunting, leaving a student to feel as if no one knows what they are going through. First, we want you to know that we do understand because we work with students daily that are undecided about their major. Second, USP has a way to help you navigate your way through the program—by creating a living space just for students like you! When we put such a multidisciplinary group together, we get this great melting pot of ideas and experiences, from which all of you will benefit! Meet our Living Learning Community!


Who lives on the Floor?

You will be living amongst a very diverse group of students, with interests ranging from Math, Science, and Engineering to Computing, Business, and the Arts and Media.

Where does the “Learning” part of the LLC come into play?

There are several different ways to learn but primarily we think you will learn in two different ways:

  1. Through casual conversations and discussions about your individual exploration experiences with other USP students on the floor
  2. Faculty and Staff from USP come over and host fun, informal events which build upon your classroom experiences and help to enhance your exploration process

How do I find my room & roommate?

If you have no specific roommate preference, you will be placed with another USP student in June of each year when roommate selection begins. However, if you find a roommate that is not starting in USP, we welcome them to join the floor as well.

Housing selection for the current year is complete. If you have questions about your housing assignment, please contact Housing Operations directly at

Do you still have questions? If so, feel free to contact Dewey Lawrence at 585-475-4289, for questions or to learn more.

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