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Current Students

University Studies provides academic advising for RIT undergraduate students about the change of major/program process. Advisors will provide objective information about all of RIT's Programs for students interested in exploring new majors and options, and assist students with all phases of the internal transfer process, from preliminary information-gathering to facilitating the actual change. In all cases, an advising appointment is recommended to determine the best path for the student.

If after an advising appointment a student wishes to request a change of program into the University Studies program to allow themselves time to explore and discover a new major, he or she will need to be a first or second year student and meet all admission requirements. All internal transfer students to University Studies will be required to successfully complete a one credit hour course called Career Exploration Seminar their first term in the program.

Changing into the University Studies Program is not an option for a student who is in his or her third year or higher, however, that student is still welcome to consult with an advisor in USP about other options and to gain information about the general change of major process.