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GPA Recalculation

Commonly asked questions about GPA Recalculation

What is GPA recalculation?
RIT has changed the way we calculate cumulative grade point averages for students who transfer internally. Usually, a student's cumulative gpa reflects all undergraduate courses taken at RIT, however, for students who change programs, the cumulative GPA only includes courses required for their new program.

Why does this matter?
Often students who change majors are not required to take the same courses that were required in their old major. When a course is no longer necessary for graduation requirements, it may be eliminated from the cumulative GPA calculation. These changes open the possibility for students to be successful in a new major without being penalized for having been in a major that was a poor match for their skills and interests.

Who is eligible for for GPA recalculation?
Any matriculated undergraduate student who has changed academic programs at RIT.

Are there any grades that can't be excluded?
General Education Liberal Arts grades cannot be excluded. Also, if a course from your old program is also required in your new program, it cannot be excluded from your GPA.

I'm planning on transferring programs at RIT. When can I find out if my GPA will change?
You will need to talk to your faculty or staff advisor in your new department to find out which courses may be excluded from gpa calculation.

Where do I go?
If you have already changed programs, see your faculty or staff advisor in the new department.
If you are considering a change of program, talk with an advisor in the new program, or contact the University Studies Program (
Advisors can help you determine which courses might be excluded or included, and what your new GPA would look like.

What will my new transcript look like?
Your transcript will look exactly the same, except the excluded courses and their grades will be marked as excluded. Even though grades in these courses will no longer be part of your cumulative GPA, they must, by regulation, remain on your transcript.

Will excluded grades change my year level designation?

Will this change affect the way Financial Aid, Honors Program Continuation, Graduation Honors, and other merit awards are calculated?

What about probation and suspension?
No changes will be made to the way probation and suspension are currently calculated.

If I changed my mind later, can I reverse the exclusions?
You can reverse (or apply) exclusions any time before graduation.

More questions?
Contact your academic advisor.