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Enrollment Restrictions

Enrollment into First Year Writing will be restricted to incoming, “true” first year students for academic years 2012-13, and 2013-14.

Students enrolling prior to 2012 who have not yet satisfied their Liberal Arts Core Requirement for “Writing Seminar” have the following choices for fulfilling that graduation requirement:

  • Recommended--Take any of the courses listed as an Approved Substitution for Writing Seminar course
  • Take a summer section of “Writing Seminar” (2013)
  • Complete a Credit by Exam
  • Take English Composition (First Year Writing) at another institution and have the credit transferred to RIT

Please note: Following current practice, any student who is required to take the “Liberal Arts Qualifying Exam” must score a “2” in order to pursue any of these “Writing Seminar” graduation requirements. A score of “1” requires you to take Basic Writing first, and then proceed to the options listed above.

Any 2nd year + student who has completed the LAQE with a score of “1” must pass Basic Writing before exercising any of the options listed above.  Students who take Basic Writing will also have the additional option of taking First Year Writing (starting AY2013-14).

Any 2nd year + student who has taken Writing Seminar and would like to repeat it in order to improve their grade should take one of the 0502/ENGL courses on the Approved Substitution list. In this case, a manual Repeat of Grade form must be filed with the Registrar’s Office. 

All students electing to enroll in a “Approved Substitution” course should contact the College of Liberal Arts Student Services Office to process a substitution form.