2012-2013 Officer Biographies and RIT AAUP Vision Statements

President: Jack Beck[Phone: (585) 475-2761, Email:]

Biography: This is my 14th year at RIT, constituting most of my professional career. An Associate Professor, I have been a program chair in CIAS for 8 years, actively involved in all facets of the School of Film & Animation. I received an MA and MFA in Comm. Studies and Film/Video Production, respectively. I remain active as an artist and writer.

In recent years, I have taught filmmaking aborad in Croatia and Paris, and filmed environmental docs in Manitoba and Panama, but I see Rochester as a permanent home, and RIT as an exceptional academic setting.

Vision: Presently I sit on the Academic Senate and the Institute Council. I have served on multiple committees, chairing several: search, tenure, policy and curricular. Currently I am on the RIT Grievance Committee deliberating on issues important to all faculty.

My colleagues and students have made this experience most rewarding. Securing that success for the future is an imperative. I believe we all can have good intentions, but individuals and agencies can be misdirected or misaligned in the complexity of an institute of many disciplines and strata. To say that some are not heard, or not understood, amongst the chains of command and lines of communication would be true in any such environment.

The AAUP is a forum governed by passion and rationality, and comprised of sincere and noble faculty seeking to support some of the ablest among us.

(Years ago) my existentialism professor taught me that diversity, pluralism and peace are essential elements, not just to an organization’s success, but to the world’s. I (we) can only humbly ‘begin at home’.

Vice President: Open


Secretary: OPEN



Treasurer: Dr. Aaron McGowan [Email:]

Biography: B.S. (2003) in Applied and Engineering Physics
from Cornell University, and his Ph.D. (2007) in High Energy Physics
from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  Dr. McGowan completed two years as a Lab Graduate Appointee at Argonne National Laboratory while finishing his dissertation.  He served on the physics faculty at St. John Fisher College as a Visiting Assistant Professor from 2007 to 2010.  He joined the experimental neutrino physics group at the University of Rochester upon completion of his Ph.D. and has worked on the MINERvA experiment for the last four years, including as a postdoctoral Research Associate from 2010 to 2011.  Dr. McGowan's recent research activities include developing a tracking algorithm optimized for finding short and steep particle tracks in the MINERvA detector, calibrating the detector, and developing analysis tools to study the neutral-current elastic scattering of neutrinos on nucleons. He joined the physics department at RIT as a Lecturer in the fall of 2011 and enjoys teaching the introductory physics sequence here. While at Cornell, he acted as Treasurer for two years for the Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a national co-ed service fraternity.

Vision: While at St. John Fisher College, I was elected to serve on the Faculty Welfare Committee, a position that I found difficult but rewarding. In particular, I enjoyed work that addressed the needs of adjunct and other non-tenure track faculty, as this group often bears a teaching load that is incongruent with their compensation and benefits.  I wish to act as Treasurer for RIT's AAUP chapter because I have benefited from the chapter already, and I would like to give back to the group with my service.