One Example of AAUP @ RIT History

On February 27, 1992, The RIT Faculty Council approved funds to seek the services of Prof. Richard Weber based on a request made by the Salary & Benefits Committee of Faculty Council. Prof. Weber was recommended by the AAUP-RIT chapter. Dr. Weber was at the time professor of economics/finance at Monmount College in New Jersey. His report was partially funded by a grant from AAUP-CBC, Washington, DC.

Prof. Weber provided the RIT Faculty Council with an independent analysis of financial statements of RIT for academic years 1987-1991. His report was like a “Roseta Stone” that was used to demistify the accounting procedures followed by RIT. It provided the faculty with a better understanding of the actual financial health of the university. This information was used during the dialog between Faculty Council committees and the first Compendation Advisory Committee (CAC) created to address the funding of the future liability of health insurance premiums and the benchmarking of faculty salaries with comparable institutions.

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