DATE: 12:00PM - 1:00 PM Friday, August 20th, 2013

Officers in attendance: President T. Policano; V. President: J. Beck; Treasurer: A. McGowan

    • Treasurer items of note: CoD is now non-dormant, Credit Union has moved to Global Village.  Future treasurers should modify the second address line on BOTH the checking/savings account and the CoD to receive correspondence.
    • Thank-you message to Heidi for her service as Secretary
    • Friday meetings during academic year: 1-2pm in Clark SAU.  But September 13th meeting: 4-6pm.  TJ Riley’s.  Open social to faculty.
    • Approval of the Minutes 6/25/13 – Approved
  • OLD BUSINESS: Academic Senate Standing committee charges: 
    • Adjunct pay rate guidelines obtained, updated April 2013.  Dean may directly determine the rate, or delegate to Chair.  Provost states that adjuncts received a raise this year.  Try to restore Adjunct ranks and move away from terminal degree classification.
    • We will find out soon which of these charges have been assigned to which committee. 
    • No compensation to adjuncts or lecturers for semester conversion of their courses, could be a grievance. 
    • Tenure release system for those approaching the end of their careers (age plus years of service equals 80).
    • RIT AAUP Meeting Schedule 2013-14: Still going with second Fridays 1-2 p.m.  Default location is Clark SAU.
    • Semester change faculty concerns
    • Adjunct contract contains language that would prorate compensation based on course enrollment.  Is this a policy or administrative decision?
    • Need to resurrect the adjunct survey.  Didn’t we have this formatted for an online distribution to adjunct faculty?  It was set up for Clipboard.  So it is down to final editing of the questions and dealing with anonymity issues. 
    • Contact adjuncts with the updated compensation rates to find if anyone falls outside of where they think they should be. 
    • Elections for officer positions – delayed until we have nominations.  Offered to run:  President – Jack is going to phase in, but Tom remains this year.  VP – Jack is going to phase out.  Need a nominee, eventually.   Treasurer -  Aaron.  Secretary – Need a nominee.
    • New York State AAUP Conference:  Oct. meeting will be at St . Bonaventure. 
respectfully submitted A. McGowan 8/20/13