DATE: 11:00PM - 12:00 PM Friday, March 14th, 20134

Officers in attendance: V. President T. Policano; Treasurer: A. McGowan

  • There will be some re-organization of the annual faculty review language in Policy E7. "Meets expectations" is a new category that sounds more positive. Committee chairs will be responsible for reporting on each member's attendance at meetings, participation, and execution of assigned duties.
  • The RIT Ombudsperson is a licensed counselor, which gives her legal privilege of confidentiality, but she does not want to use it, on principle. She prefers to spearhead the notion that ombudspeople as a class should be granted this privilege without needing any license.
  • There was a push to unionize RIT staff about six years ago. This was thwarted by the discussion of a published AAUP paper on rankism, which the president pointed to as an example of what RIT is not. He was later informed that the article was written anonymously by a faculty member at RIT, about rankism at RIT. Refer Policy C6.1.
  • The Supreme Court's 1980 Yeshiva decision defines tenure-track faculty as management at private institutions of higher education, thus preventing them from unionizing. Non-tenure track faculty are not so restricted. Today, the NLRB is asking AAUP for its perspective on the Yeshiva decision.
  • The US Government does not qualify AAUP as a non-profit organization because of its union branch, which incidentally is taking the lion's share of our dues revenue.
  • RIT Academic Senate just passed E5 two weeks ago. We await the President's feedback, and request either complete approval, or another round of changes. We do not want to get line-item vetoes.
  • Policy E6 is interpreted by the Provost to indicated "Excellence overall", and not necessarily stand-out performance in every area (scholarship, teaching, service). We advocate for the Tenured Associate Professors who gained tenure prior to RIT's emphasis on scholarship/research, and are now stranded without the means to gain promotion to Full Professor.
respectfully submitted A. McGowan 4/11/14