RIT AAUP July 5, 2005: 12:00-1:50 P.M.


Present: T Policano, J Mitchell, T Cornell, P Russotti, J Horne, T Davis

The next meeting for RIT AAUP will be Tueday 8/2/05 SAU/Clark B. All are welcome.


    •      Revival of RIT AAUP

T Policano – The purpose of RIT AAUP is to give RIT faculty a collective voice in their governance. By organizing a coherent, disciplined, and documented faculty perspective on faculty issues we can actively, instead of reactively, address issues and concerns. There is a history of faculty addressing issues alone and in isolation at RIT. The shared governance policy at RIT is not working. The Academic Senate that replaced Faculty Council has some disadvantages from my perspective. As a joint body of faculty and administrators what I have noticed as a senator is that faculty (primary roll is to teach) mostly react to policies proposed by the administrators (primary roll is policy and the business of the Institute). Academic Senate does a poor job of initiating and promoting faculty sponsored policies.

T Cornell– Faculty are interested in their governance and are not too busy to get together. There has been no mechanism for tapping into the resources of the faculty. How will faculty be involved in the process of replacing President Simone and Provost McKensie?

P Russotti – RIT AAUP needs a public face. We need to have more meetings. Non-tenured faculty need someone to trust. Building trust is a key goal for RIT AAUP.

J Horne– Two things are needed. First we need a systematic process where people meet on a regular basis. Second we need to become a valid faculty voice that is sought out for opinions and support. Students and staff have viable organizations.

    •      AAUP  Membership Info

T Policano – RIT AAUP represents all RIT Faculty whether faculty are members or not. All are welcome to our meetings and to participate in our efforts. Being a member is important in the bigger scheme of things. Dues are $160. Signing up can be done on-line by following the Join AAUP link on the nav bar.

J Mitchell – I used to be a member but have let my membership lapse.

T Policano – When you renew on line there is an option to reinstate a lapsed membership.

P Russotti – We should set up a social activity in the fall for RIT AAUP off campus.

    •      RIT AAUP web site critique

P Russotti – Can we have an Academic Senate button on the nav bar. Maybe also links for peer review, faculty resources, faculty achievements

J Mitchell – I think we should focus on faculty issues.

T Policano – Academic Senate is there under RIT. I will review the button set to see if it can be improved. I will add a link for RIT Teaching and Learning, which is very useful faculty resource set up by Lynn Wild who also does the FITL events.

    •      Review of the Issues Submission Process

T Policano – I will try to get the issues secure area of the web site completed by next meeting. At that meeting I will demo how the forum and the issues areas of the site will help faculty document concerns. In the recent informal meetings that RIT AAUP has had many important issues have been mentioned. The issues submission process is being designed to collect a campus wide perspective on these issues and to then formulate a coherent resolution initiated by faculty as a whole.

    •      Issues

J Mitchell – The Dean of COLA stated to me that the faculty chairs serve at his discretion.

T Cornell – a big issue for us is the scholarship expectation.

J Horne – RIT AAUP should take the negative out of faculty issues and convert it into what we can do to improve things for the faculty and the RIT community.

T Policano – RIT AAUP is not adversarial to the administration. The RIT administration has done a significant job at improving RIT. We are rather an opportunity for faculty to organize their needs and issues in a succinct and proactive manner.

    •      Call for officers for RIT AAUP

T Policano - RIT AAUP has no elected officers at this time. An election should occur early Fall quarter. All faculty are encouraged to consider making a commitment to helping RIT AAUP become the voice for faculty at RIT.

    •      RIT-ALL-FACULTY mailing list

P Russotti – Why is there no mail list available for faculty in CIAS or the students in CIAS?

T Policano – We also need lists such as allfaculty@rit.edu because now we have to use AllStaff@rit.edu. I will work on getting this set up.

respectfully submitted 7/8/05 by T Policano | approved 8/2/05