RIT AAUP August 2, 2005: 12:00-1:50 P.M.


Present: T Policano, T Davis, J Horne, E Peskin, O Ayorinde, JG Naud, J Aumer, J Worman, J Karpen (late)

The next meeting for RIT AAUP will be Tuesday 9/6/05 SAU/Clark B. All are welcome.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES from 7/5/05

Minutes were approved 5 in favor, 0 against, 3 abstained.


  • Election of Officers

A RIT faculty wide invitation for nomination for RIT AAUP Officers will be added to the home page. Nominations will be open until Friday, September 23, 2005. Elections will take place on-line from Thursday, September 29 - Monday, October 3, 2005. Faculty running for office must be members of AAUP by the time of the election. All RIT faculty will be invited to vote.

  • Email List

There exists an all RIT faculty distribution list . It is named rit_faculty@rit.edu. Furthermore there is a oc field in the LDAP directory that identifies users as faculty.


The Eight Step Process for Resolution of Issues has been updated. The Issues section of the site is now secure to RIT faculty only. The Step 1 form for submission of issues is live. The remaining steps are under development. We hope to have the issues tool complete by the start of fall quarter. Many thanks to Jason Pitoniak who has be the key feature programmer for the RIT AAUP site.

The forum is live and well. Faculty are encouraged to use it to initiate and follow discussions. Two topics have been started. One for Rochester Labor Day parade info and a second to discuss administrative appointment of faculty (see below).

E Peskin - If possible add the ability to link forum discussions to issues.

  • Individual College 'Faculty Councils'

T Policano - The NTID Faculty Congress (NFC) is a possible model for college faculty councils.

JG Naud - Half the members of NFC are representatives on Academic Senate (AS). NFC enjoys a two-way conversation with Dean Huriwitz. The Dean consults with NFC to get a faculty pulse on issues of concern. NFC initiated the revision to the RIT Policies & Procedure section E20.0 Policy on the Discontinuance, Reduction or Transfer of Academic Programs at the AS level and was able to amicably resolve the faculty side of a discontinuance of a program.

J Horne - Sounds like a good structure.

J Worman - Have to consider the time required to effectively add another college level committee to the overall faculty load.

T Davis - The COS Dean's advisory committee membership is appointed. We need to consider how these faculty councils will interface in the shared governance structure of RIT.

J Horne - Each college should have a faculty council but they should be left to do their own thing.

T Policano - Vince Serravallo urges our chapter members to march in the Rochester Labor Day Parade. Even though we are not a bargaining chapter, we will benefit from the support of our local labor organizations. The parade is a good way to announce ourselves. Contact Vince (vssgsp@rit.edu) if you would like to march. Check out the parade home page at:


The actual line up details are at:


J Worman - The Labor Day parade is a good idea. Note that RIT schedules classes on Labor Day. I do not attend to classes on Labor Day. It is a poor practice that RIT expects us to do so.

T Policano - This topic was suggested by a faculty member who could not attend today's meeting: I would like to see come up some time soon the practice of administrative appointment of faculty, sometimes to fully (and immediately) tenured positions, without the advice, consent, or knowledge of faculty. First In Class has been a vehicle for this practice; perhaps there have been other vehicles too.

J Worman - The administrative practice of granting full tenure and professorship to incoming faculty without communicating to concerned faculty beforehand is not good. Mayor Johnson for example.

T Policano - I will initiate a forum discussion to collect campus wide experience with this practice. I will ask faculty to report campus wide instances of administrative appointment of faculty without involving faculty in the related departments.

J Horne - In my department for example we did not know for a year that a new faculty was fully tenured on hire.

JG Naud - RIT does not a have a policy on transfer of tenure between colleges. I would be willing to initiate the issue process on this topic.

  • Miscellaneous

J Worman - Can a private Institute have a bargaining unit? I will research this and add a forum topic under Shared Governance.

J Karpen - Should RIT have a Faculty Club?

respectfully submitted 8/2/05 by T Policano