RIT AAUP NOVEMBER 4, 2005: 1:00-1:50 P.M.

Officers attending: T. Policano; J. Naud; V. Serravallo

I.  Report on RIT AAUP activities since the September election of officers:

  1. E 6.0, policy on faculty rank 

    The online Forum discussion of this topic, begun in mid-October, has received strong participation.  President Policano initiated possible language for amending this policy that reaffirms two main principles:  that the position of non-tenured research faculty will enhance the scholarship dimension of the Institute, but it must not undermine Institute policy on tenure.  Such faculty will receive income only from external sources, would not teach or provide department service, but would supervise or advise students; if teaching is required, such faculty would function as adjunct faculty.  Secretary Serravallo will contact the national AAUP staff for any policy they may have on the issue of non-tenured research faculty.

  2. Faculty Ombuds Person

    The proposed Ombuds Person for faculty has been initiated and discussed as our first Issues activity.  It rapidly received numerous postings on the same day of its initial post, November 4, 2005.  President Policano encourages all Chapter members to contribute to the discussion; an online straw vote of the faculty may be conducted.

  3. RIT salary practices

    Merit pay was posted as a Forum discussion topic.  Vice President Naud is preparing merit pay comparisons for RIT and 29 peer institutions.  Secretary Serravallo will provide the Chapter officers with the electronic version of AAUP’s 2004-2005 annual salary comparisons of over 1,300 institutions.

II.  Upcoming presentations

  1. RIT AAUP will be given twenty minutes to present to the Academic Senate meeting, Thursday December 1, 2005, 12-2 pm.  All officers are encouraged to attend.

  2. The town hall meeting with Academic Senate Chair, Mike Lutz, and NTID scheduled for October 21 was postponed; President Policano will provide the new date when it is determined.  Chapter participation in other college town meetings will be considered.

III.  Using RIT AAUP online

President Policano encourages all Chapter members to practice using ritaaup.org, such as contributing agenda items to the Agenda category as well as the other categories, so as to become comfortable with the system.

IV.  Other business

  1. Upward appraisal issue:  Let us begin thinking about the language of the No Confidence outcome of the issue of upward appraisal:  what percent of a vote constitutes “no confidence?” and how shall the probation be articulated? 

    Vice President Naud pointed out Kansas State University (KSU) as a model for assessment instruments. KSU has three instruments: one for chairs, one for administrators and one for deans. These can be modified to fit the needs of a particular institution. NTID has been using KSU for several years for its upward appraisals of chairs, administrators and dean.

  2. Membership and membership development:  Secretary Serravallo will attain the current Chapter membership roster from the national staff.  A social activity will be organized for all members, preferably around 4pm on a Friday, perhaps a gathering at McGreggors.  It was also suggested we might show and hold a discussion on a PBS two-hour video on the topic of problems in U.S. higher education aired this past summer.  All members will have the opportunity to be listed on the Chapter website. 
  3. Other chapter websites:  Secretary Serravallo will look to see if other AAUP chapters have an interactive site such as ours.  The University at Akron has an AAUP website with a detailed history of its attempt to form an AAUP collective bargaining chapter.

  4. History page:  work is to be continued to construct a site of past achievements.  All are asked to submit examples to Vice President Naud.

  5. Two more possible issues

    A.  Activity time:  how well does the Institute adhere its official activity time:  Fridays, 1-1:50 pm? 

    B. Mid-States review process: is faculty fairly represented on the committees?

  6. New meeting time:  The Chapter will meet on the first Friday of each month, 1-1:50 pm in Clark B of the SAU.  The next meeting will be held on Friday, December 2, 2005.

respectfully submitted 11/05/05, revised 11/7/05 by V Serravallo