RIT AAUP DECEMBER 2, 2005: 1:00-1:50 P.M.

Attending: T. Policano; J. Naud; V. Serravallo. J Worman. P Russotti

I.  President’s Report

Our presentation to the Academic Senate on December 1, 2005 was very well received.

II.  E6 Policy on Faculty Rank

Our recommendations for the amended policy were approved unanimously.  The Forum web site helped expand the Institute dialogue on this issue by, for example, making available memos by the provost; it was helpful in devising the final language. 

III.  Ombuds Person

At the last Academic Senate meeting, Mike Lutz claimed the president and provost were still undecided about establishing an Ombuds Person Office (though the provost appeared to have been in favor of this previously).  If the president decides not to support this office, we will consider re-employing the Forum to conduct another vote.  (If so, we will ensure that this will include only those who have not previously voted on the issue.)

IV.  Unfair Salary Practices

Vice-President Naud will continue to work on this, and will utilize the most recent salary data collected by the AAUP. 

President Policano will put this AAUP salary data on our web site.

V.  Report from the Treasurer

We have three accounts with the 1st Priority Federal Credit Union (CU): one checking and two savings.  Treasurer Worman will notify all members by e-mail that they must stop sending dues money ($5.95) to the CU.  We should consider putting the money in our secondary account into an interest-bearing account, preferably with the CU so as to avoid complications. Treasurer Worman suggested and it was unanimously approved that RIT AAUP reimburse President Policano for the ISP web space 1st year cost ($103.65). Also approved was that RIT AAUP pay for the upcoming RIT AAUP member party refreshments.

VI.  Membership Party

The reception for RIT AAUP members will take place on Friday, January 13, 2006, 4-6pm at McGreggor’s on Jefferson Road.  This will be the first Friday after the holiday break.  Secretary Serravallo will contact the members by e-mail and telephone.  He will also use this opportunity to seek their agreement to putting their names on the web site as possible contacts.

VII.  Feedback from the AAUP on our Web site by Jonathan Knight

Mr. Knight discussed two problems with our web site:

  • that it presents RIT AAUP as a rival to existing bodies
  • that it solicits all issues under the academic sun, and thus encourages anonymous personal attacks

We will respond to Mr. Knight’s comments:

1. We help the faculty better utilize the existing bodies, such as Academic Senate and the Grievance Committee, via careful documentation of concerns and efforts taken through the existing structures; there is no body that does what we do.
2. All issues are screened to ensure that they are legitimate Institute issues, not individual issues; it is not our intention to deal with personal concerns of individual faculty.

Vice-President Naud will draft a disclaimer to be on our web site that individual issues are invalid.

VIII.  Upcoming Presentations

Academic Senate Chair Lutz has offered to meet with the colleges to discuss the role of the Academic Senate.  We will request to be given time during these meetings to discuss the role of the RIT AAUP.  Academic Senate/Institute Council representatives from the following colleges will be contacted and asked to invite Chairman Lutz and us:


IX.  President’s Encouragement:  all members are encouraged to become familiar with and use the RIT AAUP web site

Meeting was adjourned at 1:55 pm.


respectfully submitted 12/02/05, revised 12/5/05 by V Serravallo