RIT AAUP JANUARY 13, 2006: 1:00-1:50 P.M.

Attending: T. Policano, J. Naud, J Worman


Faculty Ombuds Office Update - Institute Council approves faculty Ombuds office. Tom Policano invited to serve on committee to advise the President of RIT on how to implement the ombudsman office.

NFC- Faculty and Staff may want to review the Policies and Procedures in regard to a recent letter received from the benefits office regarding Sick Day Benefits.

NFC NTID Congress Town Meeting Report - The AAUP will include on the web site an HTML page which will list Forum and Issues for all colleges separately so that each college has a focus.

Teaching, Scholarship & Practice - nothing new.

Changes in RIT Salary Practices - In 1990 the administration approved a list of benchmark schools developed by the original Compensation Advisory Committee (CAC) and at that time initiated faculty salary increases so that RIT faculty salaries could at least be ranked in the 50th percentile by the year 2000. This move apparently worked fine until about three years ago when salary raises at RIT became minimal. It appears the administration has altered the list submitted by the second Compensation Advisory Committee (CAC-2) so that we are still ranked in the 50th percentile even though we received less than cost of living raises over the last three years. When the details are revealed faculty will be informed.

Party at McGregor’s on as scheduled 4-6 pm. Expenses for food and drinks to be covered by AAUP chapter.



RIT Forum and Issues Meeting - 12:00-1:00 pm Jan. 24 NTID Building 60Rm 3000 third floor- workshop on how to use the AAUP page and Introduction to the NY State Teachers Union.

AAUP Mission Statement has now been approved and stated on the web site.

The New York State Council of AAUP - wants faculty to respond to a Survey on Governance at RIT- The survey will be sent to the faculty on Jan. 16 and faculty are asked to respond over a two week period; the responses are anonymous. The results will be summarized by the NYSC and published. The RIT local chapter added a question regarding annual upward appraisals of the Dean’s and Chairs    if so are you satisfied that the faculty concerns are appropriately addressed?

Video/Book Discussion Group - there appears to be a group already established via the library. The subject will be discussed at a future meeting when data is collected.

The NYSC of AAUP - informed us of a NY State Senate Bill S6336 to Amend NY State Education Law and informed us that they will not support it and those of us who feel the same should attempt to have their State Senators support our view.  Jean –Guy will contact the RIT government office and get their take on the issue. Jim Worman will check with Alesi’s office to solicit his support.

Treasurer Report - We currently have a CD of $ 4,500 with 1st Priority for 12 months at 3.1% Interest a checking balance of $337.80 and a savings account of $500 these numbers are prior to any checks issued in January 2006. Checks to be issued include web site and party expenses. The treasurer will check to determine if any funds are returned from the national office to our local account. He will also inform present RIT members not to have payroll deductions sent to first priority for payment of national dues. The local chapter will no longer pay yearly dues from our account and 1st priority will no longer accept payroll deductions. Please handle your annual dues personally.


respectfully submitted 1/22/06, revised 1/24/06 by J Worman