RIT AAUP FEBRUARY 3, 2006: 1:00-1:50 P.M.

Officers in attendance: T. Policano, J. Naud, V. Serravallo

I.  AAUP New York State Conference Survey

The NYSC survey concluded February 1st.  Twelve percent of the RIT faculty (101) anonymously responded to the online NYSC survey, a good response rate given there was no gift for participating and no reminder notices sent.  The responses will be reviewed by the officers and submitted to the Conference as requested, i.e., one answer per question.

II.  Member Party at McGregger’s

About one-half of the members plus friends shared in the good beer and lively, friendly discussion.  The party also provided an opportunity for members to develop an understanding of the Chapter mission.  Plans for another such party during the spring quarter are under way.

III.  Chapter Website Workshops on Forums and Issues

The workshop was led by President Policano on January 24, noon to 1pm.  While not attracting a great number, one who attended did post an issue.  NTID NFC invited President Policano to demonstrate the website tools; eleven participated.

IV.  Video/Book Discussion

No plans have yet been formed to hold an open discussion of a book or video, but it was agreed that we will ask to use existing RIT venues.  Secretary Serravallo will continue work on this.  The 2005 PBS documentary, “Delcining by Degrees,” is a possible inaugural video.

V.  Proposed Academic Bill of Rights

Vice-President Naud will follow-up with Debbie Stendardi regarding her findings on this bill during her January meeting in Albany with the state association of independent coleges.

VI.  End of Year Report

It was agreed that we should post on the Chapter website an “end of year report” of our accomplishments, such as assisting in the articulation of the Policy on Faculty Rank.

VII.  Miscellaneous

Our Chapter website has received over 2,400 visits since the fall of 2005.

Secretary Serravallo wishes to explore opportunities for face-to-face contacts of the Chapter members and potential members.

respectfully submitted 2/7/06, revised 2/8/06 by V Serravallo