RIT AAUP MAY 5, 2006: 1:00-1:50 P.M.

In attendance: T. Policano (President); J. Naud (Vice President); V. Serravallo (Secretary); S. McQuade

I.  Faculty Workloads

As of this date, the Issues page has received four entries regarding the teaching workload options proposed by the dean of the College of Liberal Arts.  In written drafts in February and May, the dean proposed increased scholarly output for those full time faculty members who select a seven-course load; enrollments will remain at between ¾ and 4/5 the current numbers, or what amounts to about 80 fewer students per academic year in most cases.  Only those hired at an unspecified “earlier stage” of RIT’s development as a university are eligible to take a nine-course option and engage in minimal scholarly output.  The drafts were distributed to department chairs, but the faculty’s role in shaping the policy on workloads remains unclear.

II.  College of Liberal Arts Dean Position

Provost McKenzie met with the faculty of the College of Liberal Arts on April 21 to discuss the options for the process of selecting a new dean, a position which would need to be filled beginning in academic year 2007-2008:  appointing an interim dean or conducting a search for hiring a new dean.  The strengths and weaknesses of each option were discussed, including concerns about the term length of an interim dean should that option be chosen, but no decision was made at that time.  The provost indicated that in making his decions for appointing the interim dean for CLA in 1997, he spoke with about one-half of the College faculty, a group composed of his friends, he said.  He stated he would use the same process if he decided to appoint an interim dean, but added that he might meet with each department.

If the provost decides for an interim dean, RIT AAUP will consider offering its online system as a discussion venue.

III.  RIT AAUP Officer Elections

The current officers will remain for academic year 2006-2007 and will formulate Chapter bylaws.  It was agreed that officers will hold a three-year terms, and the positions will be staggered as such:  President and Treasurer; Vice President and Secretary.

IV.  Recommendations to Academic Senate for Standing Committees

To increase the possibility of energetic, principled people to run for standing committees, President Policano requests faculty to send him what it believes to be important issues and implementing plans.

V.  Video and Discussion

The 2005 documentary, “Declining by Degrees:  Higher Education at Risk,” was shown in two parts on April 28 and May 5, noon to 1pm in Building 06.  The first part mainly concerned classroom issues, such as pedagogy and grade inflation, and the second part mainly concerned the wider economic context, including declining state funding and such resulting issues as the competition for high-profile students, campus construction projects, the changing nature of financial aid and the demise of higher education for the public good.  A meaningful discussion period followed both showings.

VI.  Term’s End Party

The Chapter will invite all faculty members to an end-of-term party on May 19, 4-6pm at MacGregor’s on Jefferson Road.  Reservations will be requested.

VII.  Academic Bill of Rights and First Year Enrichment

There has been no change in status of the New York State Senate Bill S6336 to amend New York State Education Law, and no decision has as yet been reached on the First Year Enrichment/Wellness for Life Program.

VIII.  Other

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