RIT AAUP July 7, 2006: 12:00-1:30 P.M.

In attendance: T. Policano, V. Serravallo, J. Aumer, J. Worman

1.  2006 New Faculty Orientation

We will participate in the August 24-25 New Faculty Orientation.  We will have a spot in the Resource Fair on Thursday, August 24, 3-4pm.  This is an excellent opportunity to introduce and describe the functions of RIT-AAUP to our new colleagues.  We will demonstrate the Chapter’s website via hard copies as well as electronically, and provide membership applications. 

2.  2006-2007 Meeting Schedule

AAUP meetings will be held 1-1:50 on the first Fridays of the month beginning September 1st.  We will try to reserve one of the Clark rooms in the SAU as the meeting room for the academic year.

3.  Letter of Support for Cobblestone School Faculty and Staff

A draft of a letter of support for the new union of teachers and staff at the Cobblestone School in Rochester will be distributed to Chapter members for their review.  The union was formed one month ago and will likely have a secret ballot election to determine if it will be the bargaining representative.

4.  Grade Inflation/Informal Contracts

Surveys conducted with faculty and students in the spring of 2006 indicate that grade inflation is minimal at RIT (see these: Grade Inflation Reports on our site).  A related issue, however, concerns what some higher education journalists have found to be an informal contract between students and professors in which both parties agree to reduced coursework demands.  This is poignantly documented in the PBS Documentary, 'Declining By Degrees' available in book and video formats. We will recommend that an Academic Senate standing committee examine the extent of and motivations for such informal agreements.

5.  Chapter Donation Drive

We will consider holding an Institute-wide drive for faculty donations to the Chapter during the fall quarter.  We will see if such donations are tax deductible.

6.  Report of the Treasurer

The status of our checking, savings and CD accounts were given, and it was approved that a sum would be transferred from savings to checking. 

7.  On-Going Activities

A. Faculty Workloads:  We are at level three of the Issues process.  We have recommended that the Faculty Affairs Committee be charged to address this issue and recommend a guideline to be included in the Institute Policies and Procedures Manual.

B. Ombuds Office:  a meeting will take place next week with members of the Ombuds Committee and the Board of Trustees to discuss final language in the charge of the Office.

C.  Campus Environment Committee:  Results of the survey are pending.

D. NTID Sign Communication: NFC action on this VTM forum discussion has been postponed.

E.  COLA Dean Search:  no change in status


respectfully submitted 7/8/06 by V Serravallo, revised 7/9/06