RIT AAUP AUGUST 4, 2006: 12:00-1:00 P.M.

In attendance: T. Policano, V. Serravallo, J. Aumer, P. Bajorski

1.  2006 Benefits Changes:  Retirement

The amended policy on retirement benefits states that anyone retired or in transition to retirement who acts in ways that are deemed by RIT to be "detrimental" to RIT will lose retirement status.  We are concerned about both the reading of the change and the seaming lack of shared governance involved in the approval of the change. Academic Senate is looking into this, and the Chapter will monitor this action.

2.  Salaries

We will work on a draft of a charge to recommend for the Resource Allocation and Budget Committee (RAB) seeking to decouple salaries from enrollments and to seek a cost of living increase instead of or in addition to merit pay. RAB should continue to monitor the benchmarking goals and to make recommendations to maintain those goals.

3.  2006 Labor Day Parade

All Chapter members are invited and encouraged to march in the Parade on Monday, September 4th, beginning at 10:30 am.  Please visit www.rochesterlabor.org for more details. 

4.  Cobblestone School Union Attempt

A letter in support of collective bargaining, but not of any particular union, was endorsed by the Chapter officers.

5.  RIT Honor Code

President Simone's draft to the Trustees is available on the Chapter website's document site.  A question considered is, why did the draft appear in the D & C before being shared with the Institute?

6.  Campus Environment Committee:  College Town

A public notice that allows for a 30 day appeals process for the proposed plan for College Town appeared in a local newspaper. The Chapter is hoping to get more details in time to distribute a copy of this notice to the Institute.

7.  Faculty Workloads

The Chapter hopes to achieve common guidelines for faculty workloads across the Institute. These guidelines would define the limits of expectations and the parameters that will be considered. Colleges could vary from these guidelines as long as they do not exceed the limits. The Faculty Affairs Committee is being charged with formulating the guidelines. Note: RIT AAUP has begun a collection of existing workload related documents in the documents area of this site)

8.  Digital Media Library

All documents by governing bodies throughout the Institute are being put into a data base and will be accessed via DCE accounts.  They will be available to search and displayed as PDFs.  The data base includes all new documents and as many historical documents as are available.

9.  An Unspoken Contract and Grades

Discussion took place regarding if and how we should measure the existence of an unspoken contract at RIT in which grades reflect a minimization of performance agreed to by faculty and students.  A possible significant factor to be considered in this possible phenomenon are the new pressures faculty face (e.g., increased research; new programs).

10.  Charges for Academic Standing Committees

The Chapter has been successful in recommending issues and concerns to the Academic Senate that will become charges for this years standing committees. These charges are means by which policy changes may be implemented.  The charges will soon be available for open review online.

11.  Ombuds Office

The current Ombudsperson for students will serve as the transition Ombuds Person for one year serving faculty, staff and administration as well. The next appointment will be for a three-year pilot pending a review of the Ombuds Office.

respectfully submitted 8/6/06 by V Serravallo, revised 8/8/06