RIT AAUP SEPTEMBER 8, 2006: 1:00-3:00 P.M.

In attendance: T. Policano, J. Aumer, J. Naud, I. Evans, K. Hoffman, E. Mineck, V. Serravallo

1. Parking and Transportation

Institute administration unilaterally initiated changes in the parking policy to enhance revenue for maintenance (e.g., new fees, summer reserve parking; shuttle bus schedule changes); Parking and Transportation is a new department independent of Campus Safety. The Forum section of the Chapter website can be used for Institute-wide discussion on this matter. Those able to provide historical background on this issue are especially encouraged to participate in the online dialogue.

2. Amendments to Benefits

In August the Chapter decided to follow the work of Academic Senate regarding eligibility for retirement benefits specified by RIT Human Relations’ 2006 benefits changes. Strong concern was raised regarding the language of retirement benefits which held that any activity by an employee deemed “detrimental” to RIT would result in loss of retirement benefits. The Executive Committee of Academic Senate met with the Human Relations Department regarding this issue, and this language is currently being revised.

3. RIT Honor Code

The Institute announced an RIT Honor Code to the news media before sharing it with faculty and staff. The document is available online. The Chapter recommended that President Policano present this issue to the Academic Senate. A letter to President Simone is a possible action.

4. Administration Assessment and Search

The Chapter will use its online tools as a means of discussion and action for the assessment and selection of College and Institute leadership. This includes the positions of dean, provost and president. The discussion forum could greatly assist faculty in deciding what kind of leadership it wants.

5. Fall Party

October 6 is set as the date for the RIT-AAUP party at McGreggor’s.

6. Cobblestone Union Certified

The trustees of the Cobblestone School recognized the union of teachers and staff, United For Education, without holding an election. Our congratulations go to the UFE.

7. Labor Day Parade

RIT-AAUP marched in the Rochester Labor Day Parade, with our official banner, for the second consecutive year. We hope to increase the number of our marchers next year.

8. NTID Sign Communication

The Chapter Forum was useful in getting faculty input. The issue is still pending as no work was completed during the summer, however, Dr. Hurwitz, Vice President and Dean for NTID, provided members of the NTID community with some communication guidelines during his opening remarks on August 31st, 2006. He told his audience:

"Following this process, my decisions regarding communications are:

  • We will have signing in public places. Use whatever skills you have, but become comfortable signing in open spaces.
  • We will have deaf culture workshops for faculty and staff.
  • We will share, and post, our values ... rather than posting behavioral rules.
  • We will use all managers to lead-by-example and to guide communications actions.
  • We will continue quarterly forums on communications issues."

respectfully submitted 9/13/06 by V Serravallo, revised 9/13/06