RIT AAUP DECEMBER 8, 2006: 1:00-2:00 P.M.

In attendance: T. Policano; J.G. Naud; J. Aumer; V. Serravallo; J. Worman

1.  White Paper on General Education

Questions were raised about two aspects of the substance of the White Paper:  the apparent requirement for a second language, and post-graduation tracking and examining of students.  What is meant by a “second language,” why is there a need for one, and how will such a requirement affect the general education curriculum and student graduation?  Who will be in charge of tracking, examining and grading the graduates?  Do we have the resources for both of these recommendations?

One department in the College of Science does attempt to track its students, but has not been successful; many RIT graduates exhibit dislike with the Institute.

As stipulated by the provost, the College of Liberal Arts, divided into two academic divisions, will hold two “town meetings” this month to discuss the White Paper.  Social science faculty will meet on December 12th, and humanities faculty will meet on December 13th, 1 to 3pm in the Faculty Commons of Building Six.  What will be done with the faculty input and what will take place next remains unclear.

2. Policano named Executive Director

President Policano has been selected as Executive Director of the New York State Conference, the largest AAUP State Conference.

3.  Employee Survey

Given the lack of faculty and staff input into the employee survey being conducted by RIT’s department of Human Relations, a survey composed, administered, interpreted and used for policy by an outside firm, we have offered the Faculty Affairs Standing Committee Chair, Dan Joseph the use of our RIT AAUP site to conduct a faculty initiated survey.  Unlike our AAUP questionnaire we distributed last year this survey will include the Institute-wide distribution of both the numerical aggregates and the written responses by faculty.

4.  Procedures for New Hires

President Policano also offered the Faculty Affairs Committee Chair Dan Joseph the Chapter’s web tools to gather input and support regarding issues of workload, grandfathering at time of hire and the administration’s need to engage home departments in the process of hires.

5.  New Math for Grant Overhead

The Executive Committee of the Academic Senate will meet with the Vice President of Finance to discuss the concern about now having Don Boyd’s Office receiving a percentage of research revenue. The fear here is that smaller grants may not receive equal support from the department.

6. Parking

The more cordial tone of the parking agency was noted.  RIT adjuncts have expressed concern, however, over the possibility of a renewed attempt to establish an annual parking fee. The RIT Parking Committee has been reconstituted and has faculty(2)/staff(2)/students(2)/campus safety(1) membership.

7. Benefits

Review of the proposed amendments is ongoing.  As a member of a voluntary faculty committee examining this issue, President Policano is in discussion with two lawyers.


respectfully submitted 12/10/06 by V Serravallo, Revised 12/13/07