RIT AAUP MARCH 16, 2007: 1:00-2:00 P.M.
SDC 55-2102

Officers in attendance: Pres T. Policano; VP J. Naud; Tres J. Aumer

  1. CALL TO ORDER by the chair.
  2. 2/2/07 MINUTES were approved by email.

  4. The link is listed above. Faculty should familiarize themselves with the change.

    • CIS Tenure Track Faculty Position Qualifications

    No new information on this topic was shared during the meeting.

    • Rankism at RIT

    Both Staff Council and Academic Senate submitted reports to President Simone. Last week Staff Council and Academic Senate met to discuss and take next steps. It was decided that a better term to use to describe this issue is dishonorable behavior which links the behavior back to the RIT Honor Code of the Policy & Procedures Manual. There will be an effort campus wide to promote “expectations for honorable conduct.” A joint fac/staff committee is being set up to pull together a plan. T Policano is on the committee.

    • Unofficial Retirement Policies

    JG Naud will consult a few colleagues to help us determine how and if RIT AAUP should get involved further in this issue.

    • RIT Presidential Search and the roll played by RIT AAUP

    At the request of the Academic Senate, the chapter managed a campus forum and a faculty survey to enable open dialogue, views, and preferences related to the RIT presidential search. Survey results and comments were shared with everyone including the Presidential Search Committee. The results were then removed from public viewing. The chapter regrets that a few individuals abused their academic freedom by using language that the chapter deems as not professional and not representative of the vast majority of the faculty at our university. Ways to elevate the professionalism of participation in the RIT Virtual Town Meeting concept that RIT AAUP has begun on its site are under consideration. T Policano will be making a report on the subject at the March 29th Academic Senate meeting.

    • NYS AAUP Spring Conference

    Contact any chapter officer if you are interested in attending the NYS AAUP Spring Conference. The NYS State AAUP Conference meeting will be April 13-14 at Adelphi University.

    Changes were recently approved: 2 Wellness courses are now required for bachelor degree programs and for transfer students, 1 Wellness course is now required for associate degree programs.

    Note that a proposal under development by the Academic Senate to revise the calendar for the withdrawal from a course. Faculty should contact their Academic Senate Representative(s) and express their preferences.

    • RIT AAUP Dues

    Treasurer Jim Aumer will be contact the RIT Credit Union and RIT HR if necessary to re-establish an automatic payroll deduction option  for  payment of AAUP membership dues.


respectfully submitted 3/18/07 by JG Naud, Revised 3/18/07