RIT AAUP MAY 4, 2007: 1:00-2:00 P.M.
SDC 55-2102

Officers in attendance:  T. Policano; J. Naud; V. Serravallo

I.  Parking at RIT

President Policano reported action from Academic Senate regarding parking.  There will be no fees for general parking next year, and a parking committee has been reinstated.

II.  Salary Benchmarking

Vice-President Naud, who has served on RIT’s original committees on compensation, discussed the current benchmarking data.  The Institute is not up to the 50 percentile in our pool of schools, i.e., our salaries for next year are below target, and we are losing ground.  The Chapter will make Vice-President’s Naud’s data available to the Institute via its website. A History of Benchmarking Faculty Salaries at RIT (Revised May 2007)

III.  Retirement Process

In light of reports from some faculty members that they are being encouraged to retire in ways not consistent with Institute policy, the Chapter will post the official Institute policy on retirement on its website.  The Institute may not buy out anyone’s position.

In addition, President Policano is working on RIT finding additional ways for senior faculty to remain associated with RIT after retirement.

IV.  Dishonorable Behavior

President Policano reported on a panel on dishonorable behavior that was held as a component of Diversity Day.

Resulting from the Academe article on “rankism,” two committees were formed:  one initiated by President Simone with the charge of increasing awareness of and educating the Institute community about RIT’s honor code led by Barry Culhane; the other initiated by Academic Senate and Staff Council to contend with instances of dishonorable behavior.

President Policano advocated for a Campus-wide invitation for membership on the latter committee, and so far there are eight volunteers from both faculty and staff.

respectfully submitted 5/14/07 byVSerravallo, Revised 5/23/07