RIT AAUP JUNE 1, 2007: 2:00-4:00 P.M.

In attendance:  T. Policano; J. Naud; V. Serravallo, J Aumer, B Price

1. We need to prepare for new faculty orientation. Tom suggested to Vincent to contact the coordinator for confirmed dates. It could be a recruitment strategy for us.
We discussed several issues.
2. Benchmarking:
            Using median v. mean
            Modeling our annual survey to the one used by Syracuse U.
                        The 28 page reports is available at
            The inclusion of Imaging Science into the college wide benchmarking data
                        Professors in the college of science didn’t qualify for benchmarking increases
            Future RIT salary data should be separated: new v. continuing faculty
            Evaluate if the current promotion salary adjustments are adequate
3. Fall state conference:
Suggest RIT as the host for the fall 2008 AAUP-NY Conference meeting
Try to have the Radisson bid against the RIT Inn & Conference Center
(Fall is usually “upstate”, spring is usually “downstate”)
4. Recruitment for local charter:
            Develop 12 reasons to join the chapter
            Implement payroll deduction for dues
5. Search for Provost:
            The chapter will be active.
Next summer meeting:
Friday July 27, 2007 1-2 PM

Headstone/plot on campus:
I tried to find a definition of the columbarium, all I found was the following reference to this topic.

respectfully submitted 6/4/07 byJG Naud, Revised 6/8/07