RIT AAUP JULY 27, 2007: 1:00-2:00 P.M.

In attendance:  J. Aumer, J. Naud T. Policano, P. Russotti, V. Serravallo

1.  Recommendations for Charges of Academic Senate Standing Committees, 2007-08

The Chapter’s efforts in revising the charges of standing committees of the Academic Senate (AS) will continue this academic year.  The AS Executive Committee has met once this summer, and drafts of proposed charges will be available for review of the RIT community at the start of the fall quarter.

2.  Membership Drive

A fall recruitment drive will be conducted.  A proposal to increase membership for adjunct faculty and graduate teaching assistants was approved.  To assist this effort, the Chapter will offer reduced dues and waived dues respectively for each group.  The other AAUP state conferences have formulated the title, “Associate Faculty” for these part-time faculty members, and President Policano will bring this notion before the Academic Senate.  Recruitment will be further discussed at the next RIT AAUP meeting.

3.  Mobilizing Current Members

All current members will be contacted and informed of the Chapter’s upcoming events for the 2007-2008 academic year, and their help in these and other Chapter endeavors will be requested.

4.  Our Chapter Website Ranks High

Google has given the RIT AAUP website a rating of 3 (out of ten), where less than 5% of the over one billion Internet web sites are ranked over 2.  The criteria include the quality of links and the quantity of visits.

5.  New Faculty Orientation

The Chapter will have a table in the New Faculty Resource Fair, August 23.  Members should contact V. Serravallo if they wish to serve.

6.  Automatic Dues Deduction

We will meet with the First Priority Federal Credit Union to set up an automatic AAUP dues deduction for each pay check.  Our hope is to establish the system for September 1st.

7.  Report from the Annual National Meeting in Washington

AAUP is looking to stay ahead of government regulations by reorganizing itself as a three-tired organization:  a 501C-3 (non-profit. charity), a 501C-6 (for profit, professional organization) and a 501C-5 (collective bargaining, labor organization). Since it's inception AAUP has been a 501C-3 organization.

8.  AAUP Socials

After discussion about what day of the week our socials should be held, a kick-off social for Thursday, September 27 at McGreggor’s, 4-6 pm, was proposed and approved.  A suggestion to stagger future socials on various days of the week was also supported.  Alternative locations will be considered at the next meeting.

9.  Next Meeting

The next Chapter meeting will be Thursday, August 30, 2-3pm, place to be announced. At this meeting we will determine our 2007-2008 meeting schedule.

respectfully submitted 7/29/07 byV. Serravallo, Revised 8/7/07