RIT AAUP AUGUST 30, 2007: 2:00-3:00 P.M.

Officers attending:  J. Aumer, J.G. Naud, T. Policano, V. Serravallo

I.  New Debit Account for Dues Payments

The Association now allows members to pay dues via a debit account.  See details on the new renewal forms.

II.  Equity Week

Equity Week is October 29 - November 4. President Policano has literature for distribution.  We will decide the appropriate venue for this distribution at the next meeting (September 7).

President Policano also has requested from Human Resources an Excel spreadsheet with the name, rank, department and contact information for all RIT faculty and contingent faculty.

J. Aumer will contact Chapter members to increase involvement in Chapter work, and will contact graduate student TAs and invite them to the next Chapter meeting (September 7th) and social (September 27th).  V. Serravallo will attain the list of new RIT faculty and invite them to the next meeting and the social.

Officers will distribute stacks of the NY Academe Newsletter in various heavily-trafficked areas on Campus.

III.  New Meeting Time:  Noon to 1pm

Other days and times were considered, but due to conflicts with teaching and other activities, it was decided to meet on the first Friday of each month, 12 to 1pm.  The next meeting is September 7th; Room: TBA

IV.  AAUP Social:  September 27, 4-6pm

Our first social of the academic year will be held at McGreggor’s 4:00-6:00 PM Thursday, September 27.

V.  New Faculty Orientation Report

V. Serravallo staffed the RIT-AAUP information table for the August 23rd New Faculty Resource Fair.  He reported it was a success:  many new faculty members stopped by to look at the literature and take membership forms, and some remained for interesting conversation.  He noted that for the future the Chapter should consider arranging for interpreters for the deaf, that we get the names and contact information of those who are especially interested, and that we order more handouts and other literature from the National.

VI.  Charges for Standing Committees

President Policano will e-mail Chapter Officers the new charges, and they should send their comments by noon Friday, August 31.

VII.  AAUP President’s Letter to Presidents

We will discuss President Nelson’s letter to all college presidents at the next meeting (September 7th).


respectfully submitted 8/31/07 byV. Serravallo, Revised 9/1/07