RIT AAUP SEPTEMBER 7, 2007: 12:00-1:00 P.M.

Officers in Attendance:  T. Policano; J. Aumer; V. Serravallo

1.  T. Policano gave an overview of the Chapter’s history and accomplishments to the attendees, most of whom were new to the Chapter. 

2.  Discussion quickly emerged on working conditions for RIT’s contingent faculty, and questions were raised regarding processes to inform about and improve these conditions.  The Chapter will assist those concerned with this issue once a method is decided for articulating their experiences and their goals.

3.  Proposed New Meeting Days: Second Fridays

The Chapter will try meeting on the SECOND Friday of each month, noon to 1pm.  V. Serravallo noted that the Liberal Arts College has its general faculty meetings on the first Fridays.  The next meeting will be held on October 12th  , place to be announced.

4.  Provost Search
As requested by President Destler, the Chapter will create on online forum for the provost search.

5.  Academic Senate Standing Committee Charges

Chapter officers provided input on the Academic Senate Standing Committee Charges, and Academic Senate has postponed discussion on the topic until the Sept 20th meeting.

6.  RIT Vote Online

The sub-domain vote.rit.edu has been reserved. The diverse committee representing faculty, staff, and students have determined that voteRIT will focus on user made on-line polls. The particular code to be used has yet to be determined.

7.  Dishonorable Conduct 

The Dishonorable Conduct Committee met regularly over the summer and is focusing their efforts on rewriting the Policy & Procedure C 6.0 Harassment policy.


respectfully submitted 9/10/07 byV. Serravallo, Revised 9/14/07