RIT AAUP NOVEMBER 9, 2007: 1:00-2:00 P.M.

Officers in Attendance:  T. Policano; J. Aumer; V. Serravallo, J.G. Naud

I.  Emergency Contact Information

While faculty and staff were asked to give their emergency contact information, adjunct faculty do not have access to Oracle to provide this information.  This may be one reason why adjuncts should have representation in the Academic Senate.

II.  Retirement Medical Accounts

In response to criticism to the way changes were made by Human Resources, the Provost said better communication would occur in the future. 

It was agreed that more than this is necessary, and it was agreed that the Compensation Advisory Committee be renewed to deal specifically with this.

III.  Faculty Classifications:  Continued discussion on RIT adjuncts

Further discussion on the proposed 18 points (posted on the Chapter website) ensued, including these issues:  there should be continuing benefits, e.g., library privileges and e-mail access during off quarters; start dates should be defined, such as in the case wherein an adjunct becomes full-time; and adjuncts currently do not receive teaching awards or certificate of service.  Clearly, we need to define what is contingent faculty so we can deal with these and other issues.  We also note that with such definitions go the incentive for administrators to deny a course or terminate a contract so as to save on the benefits that would be granted.

IV.  Special Meeting

It was agreed that a special meeting to continue discussion on faculty classification (i.e., the situation of RIT adjuncts) on Wednesday, November 14, time and place TBA.

Next Chapter meeting:  Friday, December 14, noon to 1 pm, SAU Clark B.

respectfully submitted 11/26/07 byV. Serravallo, Revised 9/14/07