RIT AAUP MARCH 14, 2008: 1:00-2:00 P.M.
Gordon Field House 1540

Officers in Attendance:  T. Policano; V. Serravallo; J. Naud

I.  Dishonorable Conduct Committee

The ninth version of the process for handling dishonorable conduct is currently being written and will be presented to the Academic Senate on March 27.  Generally, the process begins at the Ambuds Office.  At least four more levels may be used to reach settlement, including mediation and ultimately the President’s Office.

II.  Reduced AAUP Dues

Reduced national dues for new members is underway.  Those earning less than $60,000 may pay at ¼ the usual rate, and those making over $60,000 may pay at ½ the usual rate.  The national office has not yet informed us of the number new members taking advantage of the lower rates.

III.  Adjunct Faculty and the Adjunct Faculty Survey

Academic Senate has agreed to bring forward before year’s end a redefined “lecturer” discription. Meanwhile, there is some good news for RIT contingent faculty:  salaries will increase for “lecturers” and “adjuncts,” the “lecturer” rank will be included on the list of ranks regarding annual salary increases, and contingent faculty will be given schedule notices for long-term planning.

Final editing of the adjunct faculty survey then took place for the remainder of the meeting.

respectfully submitted 3/17/08 byV. Serravallo, Revised ...