RIT AAUP APRIL 11, 2008: 1:00-2:00 P.M.
NTID 2590

Officers in Attendance:  T. Policano; V. Serravallo; J. Naud

President Policano reminded attendees that the reduced membership rates are still in effect, and this offers an excellent opportunity to join the AAUP.

I.  Ongoing Business

1.  Dishonorable Contuct Committee

Meetings are ongoing; Committee members continue to discuss and revise the process for handling a dishonorable claim.

2.  Policy E 6.0 4a. Lecturer Under Revision

The ranks of First-Year, Second-Year and Senior Lectuer and the explict employment terms for each have been proposed to replace the existing RIT Policy & Procedure Section E 6.0 4a and will be submitted to Academic Senate before the end of the month.

II.  RIT Adjunct Survey

The Chaper is pleased that there was a 44% response rate to the survey.  A sub-committee was created and charged to analyze the results and propose subsequent action at the next Chapter Meeting.

III.  Conflict of Interest and Intellectual Property

Concerns about the Insitute’s policy on serving as research and development for business was raised.  Discussion will continue at the next meeting.

IV.  Tenure and Promotion

Concerns were raised about the application of new standards (Ph.D. credential) for tenure and promotion.  Discussion will continue at the next meeting.

respectfully submitted 4/12/08 byV. Serravallo, Revised 4/13/08 T. Policano