RIT AAUP June 6, 2008: 1:00-2:00 P.M.

Officers in Attendance:  T. Policano, J. Naud

II Minutes from the May 3 meeting are still pending

III Old Business

1. Report from the RIT Adjunct Survey Review Committee. The committee's findings were discussed at the May 9th meeting but a written report has not been received as yet.

2. Any RIT AAUP members interested in being on the ballot for chapter leadership in this falls election please contact T. Policano.

3. T. Policano reported on the RIT academic Senate motion to redefine Lecturer at RIT. There is not a clear definition of the requirements for advancement from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer. Neither is there a definition/process for transition from Adjunct to Lecturer. We will refer research and recommendations to the Adjunct Review Committee if they have not yet addressed this in their report.

IV New Business

1. Extensive discussion about the impact of learning communties and other RIT special retention projects and how they impact the hiring and continuity of employment at RIT of Adjucnt faculty. It was decided to invite Latty Goodwin (EDF), Barbara Hefferon (Learning Communities/Englsih), Ed Hensel (Department Retention Successes), Sophia Maggelakis (Learning Communities/Math), Joe Lofredo (Tiger Tracks), Kristen Waterstrum-Rich (Chair Academic Senate), Tom Policano (Adjunct and Lecturer issues) and David Matheison (Honors Program) to meet to discuss what stategies learned from various special programs can be scalable to all students at RIT for the purposes of improving retention.

2. It was agreed that RIT AAUP should set up a meeting with the New Provost to discuss the new Lecturer Policy and its implememtation as well as to introduce the RIT AAUP leadership and give a overview of our efforts.

3. A concern about Health Retirement Benefits for under 65 RIT retirees for out of area coverage was raised. This will need to be looked into further.

respectfully submitted T. Policano 6/28/08